Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GEORGIA: Ilia State University offered Mountain Guide School (

Ilia State University - Annual Report

( In spring of 2011, Ilia State University offered Mountain Guide School certificate courses to all interested persons. This occupation will be included in the list of professional sports programmes in 2012.

At the beginning of July 2011, the Mountain Guide School organized the first student alpiniade on Mount Kazbeg. Following this, we decided to establish an Alpine Club. The members of the Club are professional mountaineers and members of the National Mountaineering Federation of Georgia. The first gathering was organized in the village of Katskhi (in Chiatura district), where the members of the Alpine Club were trained in rock climbing on sport routes devised on natural rock faces. Afterwards, the group underwent ten days’ training in Chaukhi region. Fifteen beginners, professional mountaineers, ISU students, members of the Alpine Club and future instructors from the Mountain Guide School participated in the expedition.

During this expedition, we ascended technical rock routes a record twenty-five times, as well as climbing a new route on Mount Javakhishvili, which was named the “Iliauni”. In addition, a three-member group of climbers reached Asatiani summit in Chaukhi region by the most difficult “Column” route, which was climbed in 1995 for the first time. After this, a six-member team went to Svaneti and climbed Khokhra (Small Ushba). This route is graded as a category 5B climb, and the ascent was successful. After Khokhra, we climbed the northern Ushba, graded as category 4B.

In the summer of 2011, members of the Alpine Club participated in an international archaeological expedition in Chiatura. They described inaccessible caves, and we are now actively cooperating with representatives of the expedition.

Ilia State University and the Alpine Club have hosted the well-known Polish alpinist, Krzysztof Wielicki. We have held consultations with him on the development of the Club and have planned joint Georgian-Polish expeditions. 

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