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The fortress of Tmogvi is situated on the left of the Mtkvari, on the high crest of the Erusheti Mountains. Work on this biulding began in the early feudal period. In the tenth and eleventh centuries and later, the tsars of Georgia used to entrust it to one of their eristavis (provincial governors) who not only ruled over entire areas, but were also responsible for their defence. Below the fortress there are many caves hollowed out in the cliff. Still further down, on both banks of the river, are the remains of two arched bridges and a few palaces. Here was the town of Tmogvi. As the History of Georgia relates, its almost inaccessible location made it impregnable to invaders. Arab hordes attempted several times to conquer it but all in vain. Tmodvi was destroyed by the powerful earthquakes of 1089 and 1283.

But its ruins are still gorgeous and is included in travel-tours for local and international tourists.

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