Friday, October 24, 2014

PHOTO CONTEST: “Georgia and the EU – Closer than you think?” (

( The ENIGMMA project announces its first Photo Contest in Georgia. The main topic is:

Georgia and the EU – Closer than you think?
Generally focusing on the EU-Georgia relations, the Photo Contest will raise awareness and promote information regarding visa liberalisation action plan in particular, including citizens’ mobility, free movement of persons, visa-free travel, etc. in Georgia.

The competition takes place from September 15 to October 31!
You are invited to submit your photos in the following categories:

- “Find the EU in Georgia!” and “Find Georgia in the EU!”
In this category, you are invited to submit photos illustrating the EU support to Georgia: EU supported projects, streets/ building renovation, cultural or other activities, etc. Additionally, participants can submit photos illustrating Georgian presence in the EU.

- “What does Europe not know about Georgia?”
In this category, you are invited to submit photos of unique objects which, in your point of view, represent the Georgian identity and would help EU citizens to get to know Georgia and its people. The objects can also be symbolic (cultural objects, nature, etc.), you decide!

- “Experiencing migration”
In this category, you are invited to submit photos illustrating positive and negative sides of migration. It is recognised that Georgia is experiencing out-migration: its citizens’ move abroad to work, study, for family reasons; some of them stay abroad, some come back to Georgia. Does migration always bring a positive experience? What traces does migration leave in Georgia? On the other hand, Georgia is also becoming the country of immigration. Who are these people who come to Georgia? How are they received in Georgia? How do they change Georgia?

Send us your best photos in one of the categories above. Please submit pictures that are not photo shopped or otherwise digitally manipulated. Let’s keep it real!

The photographers of the best photo in each category will receive a voucher for a photography workshop by a professional photographer. All finalists (4 photographers in each category) will of course get some great promotional prizes.

The winning photos (12 photos: 4 from each category) will be used for the 2015 ENIGMMA calendar! Of course, the winners will also get a copy of the calendar at the end of 2014! All finalists will be contacted personally.

Before submitting your photos, please read the Photo Contest Conditions and Regulations carefully!

To find out more about the ENIGMMA project and what ENIGMMA stands for, please click here

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