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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-27-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

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1. report: Monitoring the use of administrative resources during the election campaign
2. Initial results of pre-election media monitoring
3. Media Council published TV monitoring results
4. About 800 international observers registered for monitoring presidential elections in Georgia
5. US, German ambassadors to Georgia urge to abide by laws
6. OSCE observer says election in Georgia will be democratic
7. Georgian presidential election will be democratically held in South Ossetia
8. NATO reservists to observe Georgian election in Abkhazia’s Kodori Gorge
9. In Gori, voter lists still cause for controversy
10. “New Generation - New Initiative” will conduct parallel vote tabulation for the 2008 presidential elections
11. Georgian opposition broadcaster shuts down as political scandals heat up
12. Imedi suspends broadcast amid campaign mud-slinging
13. video: Georgian opposition TV shut again: 'We fear for our lives'
14. Burjanadze - Imedi TV staff’s decision on suspension of broadcasting was no surprise
15. Authorities dismiss claims of pressure on Imedi TV
16. PM – Imedi TV founder is to decide when and how to resume broadcasts
17. Patarkatsishvili - Imedi TV will resume broadcasts the day following the presidential elections
18. Patarkatsishvili's aides say TV closed due to government pressure
19. Inga Grigolia: I do not care about Imedi, I`ve my business
20. Imedi TV shut down sensible, safe
21. Opposition candidates comment on Imedi TV situation
22. Government positively evaluates decision of journalists to quit “Imedi” TV
23. Patarkatsishvili withdraws from Georgia’s presidential race
24. Patarkatsishvili withdraws from presidential race
25. Patarkatsishvili meets with Georgian police official in London
26. Patarkatsishvili says he has evidence of a London assassination plot against him
27. Patarkatsishvili vows to continue political struggle
28. Patarkatsishvili says he offered police money not to use force against protesters
29. PM says Patarkatsishvili can remain a candidate
30. Giorgi Zhvania is in London for holding consultations with Patarkatsishvili
31. General Prosecutor’s office to appeal to parliament for withdrawing immunity of MP
32. Marina Gabunia accused of coup plotting sentenced to two months of preliminary detention
33. Bezhuashvili excludes possibility of bribing army by Patarkatsishvili
34. Campaign manager meets Patarkatsishvili
35. Youths held a protest
36. Gachechiladze slams Saakashvili, Patarkatsishvili’s ‘dirty games’
37. Gachechiladze says former president plans to steal 40 per cent of votes
38. Gachechiladze lashes out at Rustavi 2, Mze TVs
39. Nine-party coalition comments on recent developments
40. John F. Tefft met members of united opposition
41. Gamkrelidze: He has faith and strength, but does he have the votes?
42. Labors address international community
43. Natelashvili urges Europe to stop Saakashvili
44. Natelashvili calls EU on holding consultations with Saakashvili
45. CEC denies Sarishvili budget funding, free airtime
46. France to consider granting Okruashvili political asylum – lawyer
47. Issue related to giving political asylum to Okruashvili to be decided by France till January 03
48. France to make asylum decision on Okruashvili
49. It’s a long way from Georgia to Fayetteville
50. The fight for public discourse
51. Court jails former judge suspected of conspiracy for two months
52. Nino Burjanadze named best Georgian politician in 2007
53. Konstantin Kublashvili: Corruption does not exist in the Georgian court system any more!
54. Georgian, Iranian Foreign Ministers discuss relations
55. Regular draft amendments to the state budget of Georgia for 2007 submitted in parliament
56. Bendukidze: The country experienced usd 0.5 billion losses due to current political situation
57. Block Georgia to invest $50m in new hospital construction
58. GYLA publishes results of monitoring in the penitentiary
59. video: Kosovo independence to spark chain reaction in Caucasus?
60. video: Shakira in Tbilisi

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Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

MUSIC: Hooshere's visions

Born and raised in New York City, Hooshere is a first generation Armenian-American whose connection to her heritage, coupled with her passion for music, has molded her into one of the very unique newcomers to the world music scene.

Hooshere has been receiving high accolades for her release of her debut album, Provenance. Greg Burk, of the LA Weekly, said "Hooshere is a singer who mixes her deeply melancholy balladry with a modern feel for subtle electronics and wide-open spaces." Mike Clancy, Editor for amNewYork (a NY Newsday publication) said that Provenance is like the soundtrack to a film yet to be made.

Since the release of her debut, Hooshere has already earned several nods from the music industry: one of her original tracks entitled Willow won 1st prize in the 13th annual Billboard Song Contest in the world music cateogy; and second prize in the annual indieTunes song contest, in the Latin/World category. Willow was also featured in a pre-theater audio segment at Regal Cinemas across the county and generated an overwhelming response. Another original track, entitled Somebody Else, was featured in a nationally televised PBS documentary, "The Armenian Genocide" which aired on April 17th, 2006.

Provenance is produced by Hooshere, with co-production by AB+, a talented producer and seasoned French horn player, having performed with such greats as Miles Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Sonny Rollins, and Gil Evans. The album also features well-known guitarist Matt Beck, who is now touring with Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty). Playing bass on the album is Konrad Adderley, who has played with Aretha Franklin and Sonny Rollins, among others, and is currently playing in the band for the Broadway musical "Wicked." The traditional Armenian instrumentation on the album could not have come from a more authentic source, as it was recorded by talented Armenian musicians in Armenia's capital city of Yerevan. Some of the most notable local musicians were enlisted for the album, including Hratjcha Muradian (kamancha), Norair Kartashyan (blul, duduk) and Alik Peloshyan (dhol). "Recording the album was an incredible journey for me; it started out as an experimental few sessions with AB+, and I quickly realized that I had found a co-collaborator who understood my vision", Hooshere comments.

During the process, she was inspired to write several original tracks, each of which was an evolution all its own. Recording in Armenia was uniquely rewarding, especially while witnessing the Armenian musicians connect with, and interpret her music in such extraordinary ways. Hooshere goes on to say, "The experience of bridging the new and old through the remarkable instruments of my heritage was fulfilling and inspiring. I feel that I have captured some of the most essential elements of the album through the process. The gifted musicians with whom she collaborated, both in New York and in Armenia, each contributed their own unique elements to her music."

Together they achieved Hooshere's vision of creating an inventive, balanced fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds, to propel the music of her ancestry into the present day, for a global audience.


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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-26-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

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1. Georgian newspaper’s informal poll suggests three-way tie for first
2. Gachechiladze - 22 per cent, Saakashvili - 16 per cent. Ramaz Saqvarelidze: 'Second round will be held without fail
3. IFES and USAID invite presidential candidates to debate
4. Dieter Boden – Governmental candidate’s share in the pre-election TV campaign is tremendous
5. Advertisements and pre-election messages of presidential candidates
6. Two candidates must withdraw from presidential race
7. Nothing can stop Georgia from holding free election
8. Georgians betrayed again
9. Eduard Shevardnadze: Hard to say whether Saakashvili will be elected president or not
10. Bezhuashvili insists authorities in control of country
11. International observers to monitor presidential election in Upper Abkhazia
12. Four representatives of Azerbaijani CEC to observe elections in Georgia
13. announcement: Media Centre
14. Gurgenidze does not exclude that “Newscorp” will not be interested in “Imedi” TV
15. 6 journalists leave Imedi TV Company
16. Imedi TV management plans statement
17. Imedi News staff undecided
18. One more journalist left Imedi TV
19. video: Georgian tycoon denies election coup plot
20. Kodua-Gelbakhiani and Patarkatsishvili tapes
21. Authorities release another "secret" recording of tycoon
22. Gelbakhiani says secret recordings "provocation against him"
23. Comments on recordings of presidential candidate
24. Gurgenidze praises law-enforcers for publishing covert recordings
25. U.S. envoy on ‘coup plot’ tapes
26. Alleged ‘coup plotter’ remanded
27. Patarkatsishvili forced onto defensive
28. Gurgenidze: No appeal to withdraw Patarkatsishvili from presidential race
29. Goga Zhvania: Patarkatsishvili’s headquarters work in general regime
30. Patarkatsishvili meets with Georgian police official in London
31. Patarkatsishvili supporters appoint new chief campaigner
32. Gamkrelidze speaks of Patarkatsishvili’s mistake
33. Authorities slams opposition of cooperating with Patarkatsishvili
34. "Equality Institute” accuse Saakashvili and Patarkatsishvili of bribing voters
35. Saakashvili promised voters in Racha to restore Ambrolauri airport
36. Saakashvili met with voters in Khobi region
37. Yushchenko, Saakashvili met in same coats
38. Yuschenko arrives in Tbilisi to support Saakashvili
39. Yushchenko endorses former Georgian leader's reelection
40. Gachechiladze meets voters in Samegrelo Region
41. MP Bezhan Gunava speaks about pressure on him
42. Mother of Buta Robakidze supports Gachechiladze
43. United opposition is planning a meeting in Tbilisi
44. Davitashvili says government wary of opposition popularity
45. “New Rights” distrusts exit polls initiated by 4 Georgian TV companies
46. New Rights snub planned exit polls
47. Gamkrelidze to visit Imereti Region
48. Gamkrelidze's supporters hold demonstration
49. Maisashvili went to #53 school
50. Elizbar Javelidze and Merab Jibladze support Shalva Natelashvili
51. Former presidential hopeful says his candidacy helped ethnic Azeris
52. Georgian winemakers want to restart negotiations with Russian sanitation agency
53. UN assessment of Georgian-Abkhaz settlement will not amend peacekeeping format – diplomat
54. Kosovo solution to create precedent for Abkhazia independence
55. video: Georgia frees Russian ex-peacekeepers
56. South Ossetia, North Ossetia may be rejoined in 2008
57. State budget 2008 to allocate gel 9 million to patriarchate of Georgia
58. Ilia II consecrated Annunciation Church inside Parliament of Georgia
59. Special aviation unit carried out rescue operation in Khevsureti, Khakhabo and Ardoti
60. Merabishvili to submit two projects for discussion on cabinet meeting
61. More money coming in from abroad
62. Ferroalloys, cars and oil - lead export from Georgia

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Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

AUSSTELLUNG: Malerei von Kristine Kakabadze

Die Eröffnung war am 24. Dezember 2007, 17:00 Uhr.
Ort: Tbilisi, Melikishvili Av. 8, ProCredit Bank.

Die Ausstellung wurde im Rahmen des Projektes ''ArtPro'' organisiert, das ist ein Projekt, unterstützt von der ProCredit Bank Tbilisi. Das Projekt existiert schon seit einem Jahr: In verschiedenen Ausstellungen erhalten Künstler die Gelegenheit Malerei & Grafik in den Filialen der ProCredit Bank in Tbilisi auszustellen.

Der Author des Projektes ist der Maler Gia Gugushvili.
Jede Ausstellung dauert bis zu 3 Wochen.

Another Space, 2006, (zeti-ti), Oil-On-Canvas

Breakwater, 2007, Oil-On-Canvas, 100-65cm

Unnatural Plant, 2007, Oil-On-Canvas

Architectural Motives, 2007, Oil-On-Canvas

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-25-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

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1. Leftist messages clash as election date nears
2. Dieter BodenGovernmental candidate’s share in the pre-election TV campaign is tremendous
3. Nongovernmental organizations plan to launch media center during the pre-election period
4. CEC says photographing the voting process with mobile telephones without accreditation will be forbidden
5. Advertisements and pre-election messages of presidential candidates
6. KU professor working with Georgians on elections
7. Patriarch calls nation for peace ahead of election
8. While checking the election registers, the Republicans found ran into a registered voter who had died a year earlier
9. On the cutting edge of elections
10. Exit polls for early presidential election to be conducted against four tv companies’ order
11. IFES and USAID invite presidential candidates to debate
12. Newspaper Whole Week ceases opinion poll surveys to verify presidential candidates’ rating
13. Samegrelo is not a Rose Revolution domain
14. Davitashvili assists Teo Tlashadze in election campaign
15. Davitashvili says government wary of opposition popularity
16. Davitashvili warnings government about telephone threaten
17. Address of Georgian students living in America to presidential candidate Levan Gachechiladze
18. The Human Rights Centre demands an investigation into the November 7 events
19. Country at the crossroads
20. Vladimer Papava: ‘The genie is out of the bottle already’
21. General Prosecutor's Office publishes secret recordings
22. Patarkatsishvili HQ denies conspiracy charges
23. Patarkatsishvili chief campaigner declared plotter
24. Former judge detained on suspicion of plotting coup
25. More shocking news on coup plot expected
26. Patarkatsishvili dismisses video recordings as "provocation"
27. United opposition denies links with alleged anti-government plot
28. video: Coup claim rocks Georgia's election campaign
29. Georgian Government claims opposition campaign manager plotted coup
30. Burjanadze responds to published secret recordings
31. Burjanadze: Government to give adequate response to political force acting against state
32. Salome Zurabishvili doubts about secret video-recording made by the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office
33. Socor is at it once again
34. Late PM’s brother to lead Patarkatsishvili’s campaign
35. Patarkatsishvili promises $1 bln aid to Georgians if victorious
36. Georgian oligarch claims he is assassination target
37. Failure to communicate dogs Saakashvili's first term
38. “Society of Merab Kostava” supports Mikheil Saakashvili
39. No separatist sentiments in Javakheti – Saakashvili
40. Saakashvili visits Armenian-populated town of Akhalkalaki
41. Misha’s PR-ism in times of elections
42. Evidence for coercion
43. Efforts underway for candidates’ tv debates
44. Who owns the TV stations?
45. First forum of Georgian journalists incorporated over five hundred delegates
46. TV anchor denies going into politics
47. Giorgi Targamadze - I am going to continue working for Imedi TV if my employers allow me to further
48. Michnik’s watchdog group members discussed last week’s monitoring
49. Radio station “Hereti” sues Georgian National Communications Commission
50. GNCC to approve code of conduct for broadcasters
51. Media forum under way
52. Ia Antadze recognized as Journalist of the Year 2007
53. Victor Yushchenko hold meeting with Nino Burjanadze
54. Ukraine supports Georgia’s democratic processes - Yushchenko
55. Turkey, Russia, Ukraine - Georgia’s largest trade partners
56. report: Kosovo and the principles of just secession
57. video: Georgia returns seized ex-peacekeepers
58. Rebels offer Georgia help to combat pro-Moscow Chechens
59. Moscow to always recognize Georgia territorial integrity: diplomat
60. Sukhumi gets no sovereignty recognition guarantees from Russia –FM
61. The real face of Russian peacekeepers
62. video: Eduard Kokoity interview
63. National Archive opened Tskhinvali and Java offices in Eredvi
64. Radiation promoting disease in the Samckhe-Javakheti Region
65. A new prison under construction in Ninotsminda Region
66. A prison on the lakeshore
67. Georgian Prime Minister met political scientists and economists at GFSIS
68. Nino Burjanadze meets diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia
69. Acting president Burjanadze meets emergency medical care doctors
70. Nino Burjanadze attends action - “My First Vote”
71. Cost of New Year supra suggests soaring inflation
72. 15 plus several – competition gets stiffer for Georgia’s insurers
73. In 2007, Telasi invested in Tbilisi Electric Network over GEL 37 million
74. Arti Group speak of intended arson of company’s warehouse
75. GOGC to manage rehabilitation works on gas pipeline
76. Georgian trade deficit widened in first 11 months of year
77. Armenia may benefit from construction of Kars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi railway
78. video: Back from the dead - 'murder victim' leaves police with red faces
79. Merabishvili to submit two projects for discussion on cabinet meeting tomorrow
80. Global democracy manipulators: Polyarchy and the UN Democracy Fund [excerpts]
81. 32 pupils of 16 schools to be handed scholarship of amount gel 100 in Tskhinvali Region
82. Father left his son homeless
83. Incurred proprietor is going to commit suicide in front of Parliament
84. Suicide in Kutaisi jail
85. Who will reimburse unreasonably spent 100 000 lari?
86. On the demand of the Public Defender an investigator is punished
87. IDPs will spent cold winter together
88. Politicians have lost interest to court trials - Konstantine Kublashvili

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Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814


Catholics in Tbilisi made the christmas celebration

Uploaded on December 24, 2007 by Dato Rostomashvili

DIGITAL-ART: Angels by Tamara McGregor

About Tamara

A conscious aim to devote my life to art has been with me since my childhood. In those early years it seemed to me that it was sufficient to graduate from Art Academy. Now I see that it will take my whole life to realize that aim. Strictly speaking, “aim” is an inexact term. An aim is always a fixed point, while in creative work it is a space within which one has to be constantly on the move.
I began my studies in the Department of Monumental painting, in the studio of a well-known sculptor. But I chanced to watch a street performance of a puppet theatre in the street which brought about a complete change in my artistic destiny. Before my eyes a sheet of cotton fabric cut a part of the sidewalk, and above the edge there appeared some puppets and part of a busy city street. Together with some spectators who chanced to be there, a part of space was transposed into s sphere which existed under a quite different set of laws. That short street performance confirmed my wish to go in for scenography.

Theoreticians in Science prove that a plurality of worlds exists in every point of visible space, worlds that are parallel and interpenetrating. I am convinced that the reality of plurality of worlds is becoming evident. Within the limited space of the theatre stage where the force of dramaturgical action is capable of arbitrarily altering both the form and dimensions of space; to divide it into discrete parts, altering time, its direction, of stretching it compressing it and even stopping time. It is just these possibilities of the stage that I attempted to realize in my theatrical works.
I also wrote a film script. My life’s experience was not rich, but it was my own. That’s what my script was about. I submitted it to the Hartley Merrill Prize competition arranged by the Foundation of American Film Artists. I was awarded the “Debut” prize.

The theatrical performances I participated in were:
The Master and Margarita (Bulgacov)
Bloodshed at a wedding (F.G.Lorca)
The Tower of Black Wood (Fowels)
The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare)
King Lear (Shakespeare)
Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)
The wedding of Figaro (Bomarshe)
Akutagawa (Ryunosuke Akutagawa)
Little Zaches (Hoffmann)
Faustus (selected)
The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Yukio Mishima)

Exhibitions of my paintings, ceramics and other art took place in:
Spain, Holland, Russia, Georgia, Germany

My art can be found in private collections in:
USA, England, Scotland, Spain, Georgia, Russia, Poland, Chekoslovakia, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Portugal, France

I have discovered the joys of a new form of Digital Art, and this is what I concentrate on at the moment. The purpose is for the images to be printed on large canvases of approximately 1.5 by 2 meters, depending on the original format.

These works can be completely customized and personalized, so I take commisions. Each work is guaranteed to be unique and unrepeated. If you are interested in my art, or in collaborating with me in some form, please don't hesitate to fill out the contact us page, or e-mail directly to:


NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-24-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

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1. conference: Arnold. A Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies
2. Saakashvili still leads media organizations’ opinion polls
3. New Rights release election poll results
4. Opposition expects second round of polls
5. Imedi TV plans exit polls
6. Imedi poll on constitutional reform
7. According to survey of Ukrainian sociologists, Gachechiladze leads among presidential candidates
8. New protests - new standings
9. New poll suggests most Tbilisi residents support opposition candidates
10. Can Georgians expect a halt to creeping authoritarianism?
11. Minister slams timing of HRW report
12. report: OSCE interim report on election campaign
13. Watchdog debates on tv reporting
14. Hereti appeals against National Communications Regulation Committee
15. Some allege candidates are flaunting the rules in the fight for votes
16. The opposition has discovered specific inaccuracies on voter lists. The Central Electoral Commission is in no hurry to correct the errors
17. CEC bans photographing voting with mobile phones
18. CEC to open precincts in Kosovo, Iraq
19. Minister calls on candidates, voters for responsibility ahead of polls
20. Court rejects to ban Saakashvili, Patarkatsishvili from race
21. video: Call for tolerance in countdown to Georgian presidential election
22. Ballot papers printed
23. Ramaz Mitaishvili addressed Georgians in USA on the election opinion survey meeting
24. Georgian youth gears up for presidential elections
25. How to avoid political persecution after the election
26. The presidential candidates’ biggest achievements
27. With or without Russia? The Foreign policy priorities of the presidential candidates
28. Which candidate is winning in the war of words?
29. Which presidential candidate is supported by Irakli Okruashvili?
30. If I were president: student debates encourage critical thinking and leadership skills
31. Europe will exercise different approaches to Russian, Georgian elections – Kosachyov
32. Cal State University San Bernardino professor to serve as election observer in former Soviet Georgia
33. Worried about security, many Georgians support NATO integration
34. Georgia’s NATO perspectives uncertain as Bucharest summit draws nearer
35. EBRD says georgia's political turmoil won't scare off investors
36. Let’s say I am a bad politician - Vladimer Papava is leaving politics
37. Gogita Tsutskiridze: If we manage to reach public consensus we may find a way out of the crisis
38. Where are our 'cute' political generals?
39. A cheap credit or a cheap trick?
40. State budget misused?
41. Salford very confident in its case against Georgian Government's seizure of Standard Bank
42. Georgian prosecution accuses head of Patarkatsishvili’s election campaign headquarters in plot
43. Patarkatsishvili’s ally MP suspected of coup plot
44. Patarkatsishvili denies plotting coup
45. Patarkatsishvili no longer a suspect, Deputy Chief Prosecutor
46. Georgians put the squeeze on local tycoon: Business pressure mounts on a businessman and opposition leader accused of fomenting a coup
47. Opposition alienates from any attempted coup
48. Security Council discusses possible threats of state coup
49. Prosecutors: Opposition figure planning coup
50. Burjanadze’s televised statement on coup plot allegations
51. Zurabishvili doubts allegations against Valeri Gelbakhiani
52. Gelbakhiani’s meeting with Erekle Kodua aimed at his neutralization
53. Gelbakhiani suspected of attempting to overthrow authority with force
54. Sued MP gives explanations
55. According to evaluation of Natelashvili Gelbakhiani is politically oppressed
56. Natelashvili downplays allegations against Gelbakhiani
57. Video materials against Gelbakhiani not enough evidence for Katsitadze
58. Patarkatsishvili names video materials on Gelbakhiani’s meeting with Kodua provocation
59. Patarkatsishvili’s headquarters commented on video materials published by Prosecutor’s Office
60. Representatives of Patarkatsishvili’s headquarters do not exclude detention of Gelbakhiani
61. Evidence fabricated to arrest Patarkatsishvili
62. TV names man on Patarkatsishvili ‘murder plot tape’
63. Prosecutor says case against Patarkatsishvili suspended
64. Patarkatsishvili's staff says govt prepared his arrest
65. Authorities accused of devising treacherous scheme against Patarkatsishvili
66. Tycoon tells of plot to kill him in London
67. Patarkatsishvili faces campaign obstacles
68. Ruling party dismisses Patarkatsishvili ‘media hype’
69. The billionaire and the government, estranged
70. Patarkatsishvili launches tv ads
71. Tbilisi Mayor: Georgia should get rid of Patarkatsishvili’s plague
72. Patarkatsishvili promises $1 bln aid to Georgians if victorious
73. $1Bln offer in Georgia's campaign
74. Patarkatsishvili uses Western help to attain free election campaign
75. Patarkatsishvili to transfer his own money into state budget if elected
76. Theses of Badri Patarkatsishvili's presidential platform. 'Whatever they promise you, my contribution will nevertheless be twice as large
77. Dynamo Tbilisi denies being politically pressured because of belonging to Patarkatsishvili
78. Zhvania and Badri: Late Prime Minister’s brother throws his name behind Georgia’s richest candidate
79. Zhvania's brother explains why he sides with opposition
80. Sarishvili: NDI interested in surprising rise of number of voters
81. Sarishvili demands free airtime
82. Sarishvili aspiring to Georgia presidency for neutrality policy
83. Both Russia's, Georgia's mistakes to blame for bad relations –Sarishvili
84. Irina Sarishvili is meeting voters in secret. 'We are considered to be most disfavoured in political spectrum
85. Saakashvili met voters in Samtskhe-Javakheti region
86. Incumbent Mikheil Saakashvili met with voters in Tskaltubo and Samtredia
87. Saakashvili's gambit
88. ‘I will not attack opponents’ – Saakashvili
89. Saakashvili confirms plans to reshuffle team
90. Burjanadze hints at reshuffle of ‘political team’
91. Opponents accuse Saakashvili’s pre-election campaign of bribing voters
92. The devil you know: Russia prefers to deal with Saakashvili
93. Disabled veterans demonstrate outside Saakashvili office
94. Opposition accuses Saakashvili of illegal use of state funds
95. Ukrainian president sends birthday greetings to Georgian leader
96. Saakashvili denies US Democrats negative assessment on his activity
97. Saakashvili says he will address poverty, regain breakaway regions
98. Saakashvili election hq denies conspiracy against rival
99. Gurgenidze to visit Kakheti Region
100. Opposition marks Saakashvili's birthday with protests
101. Zurabishvili:”The authority will try everything to discredit opposition”
102. Movement “21st Century” and Georgian Academy support Natelashvili
103. Act of terror against Natelashvili reported
104. Gachechiladze seeks support of ethnic Azeri population
105. Leaders of United National Council met voters in Imereti region
106. Maisashvili met Dieter Boden
107. Gamkrelidze’s political ads bring up religion, property and human rights
108. Lavrov criticizes Georgian administration
109. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with head of OSCE Mission to Georgia
110. Bagapsh, Kokoity discuss possible consequences of Kosovo independence
111. The real values in Kosovo
112. Former Georgian ambassador calls for direct dialogue between Tbilisi, Moscow
113. Constructive dialogue with RF helps resume Georgian wine export-PM
114. Creative intelligentsia urge Russia, Georgia to launch dialogue
115. Approaching Kosovo deadline ratchets tension in Abkhazia
116. Moscow does not want unilateral declaration of Abkhazia's, S. Ossetia's independence
117. Moscow asks Tbilisi, 'sponsors' to prevent use of force
118. PACE, Russia call for political settlement of frozen conflicts
119. Moscow does not want unilateral declaration of Abkhazia's, S. Ossetia's independence
120. American Senator called upon Russia to disown statement on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
121. Abkhazia waiting for decision on Kosovo to resolve Kodori problem
122. Georgia will spare no effort to convince EU of impossibility of Abkhazia’s independence
123. The Chechen bomb. Have the Russians deployed Zapad and Vostok on Georgian territory?
124. Rebels offer Georgia help to combat pro-Moscow Chechens
125. Russian, Chechen peacekeepers clash in Abkhazia
126. No Chechen subunits among Russian peacekeepers in Georgia
127. No Chechen units within peacekeeping forces in Abkhazia, S. Ossetia - Russian Ground Forces deputy commander
128. Russian peacekeepers complete rotation in Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone
129. Three Russian peacekeepers detained in Georgia
130. video: Arrested former peacekeepers 'were drunk'
131. Discharged Russian peacekeepers detained near Poti
132. Russians detained in Georgia are not peacekeepers – commander
133. Russia denies Georgian reports of clash between peacekeepers in Abkhazia
134. Abkhaz war veterans to set up Union of Veteran Volunteers
135. Abkhaz worried by language law: Concerns that a new law to promote the Abkhaz language may be counterproductive
136. Kokoity on Kosovo's independence
137. Kokoyty vows to seek international recognition
138. New Year’s presents for children living in the conflict zone
139. Autumn session of Georgian Parliament closed officially
140. Average level of prices decreased by 0,07%
141. Millennium Challenge Program finances three value-chains
142. UNDP, government discuss potential EU-Georgia free trade agreement
143. External debt to GDP ratio is reduced
144. Foreign direct investment in Georgia jumps 60% in Jan-Sept
145. Rakia sets aside $500m for bids
146. Nearly a million tourists visited Georgia in 2007, government says
147. Trial by jury: more democracy or a face-lift for the Georgian judiciary?
148. The greener the better
149. Strasburg Human Rights Court to consider appeal of Vazagashvili family
150. Second stage of Land Forces Junior Officers Training Course Charley completed
151. Yerevan: Baku–Akhalkalaki–Kars railway project politically motivated
152. Georgia opens bridge to Azerbaijan in Georgian Samtatskaro village
153. Sheikulislam Allahshukur Pashazade to pay 2-day visit to Georgia tomorrow
154. Ombudsman congratulates Muslim population of Georgia on Kurban Bairam holiday
155. According to these data there are 5.8 million men in Georgia
156. 30 years as Georgia’s spiritual leader
157. Pop star's concert has Tbilisi all shook up
158. Shanghai company to build Hyatt Park Tbilisi
159. Designers switch to retail market
160. Modelling business in Georgia
161. Health insurance the lead insuring package
162. Newspaper reports big rises in foreign trade
163. Fire destroyed homes in Avlarbari district
164. Rehabilitated Sighnaghi under threat of landslide
165. Decency died in the glen
166. Farmer's never-ending story
167. New year’s celebrations away from home

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

Monday, December 24, 2007

EXHIBITION: Paintings by Kristine Kakabadze

Today there was the opening the exhibition from Kristine Kakabadze

Place: ProCredit Bank -Filiale, Melikishvili Av. 8.
(near Philharmony)
Opening: 17.00 pm.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ART: Painting by Karlo Kacharava

Uploaded on November 17, 2007 by artpension

JOB: Unterstützung der Kaukasusinitiative

Als Förderbank unterstützen wir den Wandel und treiben zukunftsweisende Ideen voran. In Deutschland, in Europa und in der Welt. Dies ist unser Auftrag. Was immer wir tun, tun wir so
professionell und effizient wie möglich. Das heißt, wir sind immer zugleich zweierlei - nachhaltiger Förderer und effiziente Banker. Im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) fördert die KfW Entwicklungsbank wirtschaftliche und soziale Entwicklung: "Was bewirken wir für die Menschen?" ist dabei die Messlatte und zentrale Fragestellung in einem.

1 Consultant (m/w)
"Consultant zur Unterstützung der Kaukasusinitiative" im Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) am Standort Bonn, 2 Jahre

Die KfW-Entwicklungsbank betreut im Auftrag der Bundesregierung die Finanzielle Zusammenarbeit im südlichen Kaukasus. Einer Region, die nach wie vor geprägt ist von politischer, ökonomischer und gesellschaftlicher Instabilität. Hier gilt unser Anspruch, durch
gezielte Förderung zum Aufbau geordneter Strukturen beizutragen. Ihre Aufgabe als Consultant besteht darin, ab 2. Quartal 2008 auf zwei Jahre befristet das Regionalreferat im Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) in Bonn zu
unterstützen. Und zwar bei der Weiterentwicklung und Umsetzung der Kaukasusinitiative, die 2001 vom Bundesentwicklungsministerium ins Leben gerufen wurde. Die Initiative verfolgt das Ziel, durch die Förderung einer verstärkten regionalen Kooperation von Armenien, Aserbaidschan und Georgien einen Beitrag zum Konfliktabbau und zur Krisenprävention zu leisten. Dafür setzen Sie sich im Regionalreferat im BMZ und in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der KfW Entwicklungsbank auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen ein.
Erstens, indem Sie die politischen und ökonomischen Entwicklungen der Region beobachten und analysieren und - im Hinblick auf den länderübergreifenden Charakter der Initiative - das FZ-Instrumentarium sowie Programmstrategien optimieren.
Zweitens, indem Sie überregionale Veranstaltungen koordinieren, den Dialog mit entsprechenden Entscheidungsträgern bzw. Experten vorantreiben und den Kontakt zu wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen pflegen.
Und drittens, indem Sie die entsprechende Öffentlichkeitsarbeit in Deutschland und der Region befördern, wofür Sie Analysen und Kommentare erstellen. Ihre Mitarbeit bei administrativen und volkswirtschaftlichen Aufgaben des BMZ-Regionalreferats rundet Ihre
Tätigkeit ab.

Voraussetzung für diese fordernde Aufgabe ist ein abgeschlossenes wirtschafts-, sozial- oder politikwissenschaftliches Studium. Zudem sind Kenntnisse der Finanziellen Zusammenarbeit, insbesondere mit Entwicklungsländern bzw. der Lage in der Kaukasusregion von wesentlicher Bedeutung. Wenn Sie bereits Erfahrung in vergleichbaren Berufsfeldern sammeln konnten, wäre das von Vorteil.

Verhandlungssicheres Englisch ist unabdingbar, Russisch-Kenntnisse wären wünschenswert. Entscheidend ist aber vor allem Ihre Persönlichkeit. Nicht zuletzt dann, wenn Sie für uns auf längere Auslandsreisen gehen. So verfügen Sie einerseits über ausgeprägtes Gespür in der Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern unterschiedlichster Mentalität. Und andererseits über die Souveränität, in einem unbeständigen Umfeld selbstständig und eigenverantwortlich zu
agieren. Was Sie für uns zu einem Gewinner macht, den wir gerne kennen lernen möchten.

Bewerbungsende: 22.01.2008 pdf >>>
KfW Bankengruppe
Abt. L3a
Reinhold Strauß / Heiko Jannermann
Palmengartenstraße 5-9
60325 Frankfurt
Telefon 069 7431-3296

Leistung, Marktwirtschaft, Nachhaltigkeit, Verantwortung, Humanität, Toleranz, Kreativität. Unsere Werte sind die Basis, auf der wir stehen. Sie sind Kriterien für den Sinn und die Vision unseres Tuns.

Heiko Jannermann
Caucasus Consultant
KfW Bankengruppe
Bereich LIII a 1
Palmengartenstraße 5-9
60325 Frankfurt
Tel. +49 69 7431-3296
Fax +49 69 7431-3490

REISE: airberlin verbindet endlich Tbilisi mit verschiedenen deutschen Städten

Air Berlin fliegt von Rom, Wien, Moskau, Hannover, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Sylt, Saarbrücken, Hamburg und Berlin - Tegel jetzt auch Tbilisi, die Hauptstadt Georgiens an. Ab 13. Dezember verbindet Air Berlin damit wöchentlich donnerstags Deutschland mit Georgien. Auch eine Gelegenheit mit dem dem deutschen Reiseunternehmen "Kaukasus Reisen" in Verbindung zu treten.

ART: The Art Club Caucasus Goes Online

Where do we go we don't know

Hans wants to create a loose network of artists, collectors, publishers, gallery owners. All the possible members I want to invite, around 40 so far, are very good professionals but not rarely alienated, with a lack of discussion and a lack of their friends. I want to have a Manifesto too, but that should commonly discussed on our first Art Club Caucasus Reunion somewhere End of August, Beginning of September 2008 in the Caucasus. We will journey together, party, create art and have fun ! The Caucasus is one of the best places on earth to make the best art.

I am aware, that maybe not every member can join us on our annual meetings, but I will try hard to get a good bunch of artists together !

We wish you a lucky and funny Christmas !

Best regards, Hans Heiner Buhr & Ralph Hälbig

Links: &

Saturday, December 22, 2007

LECTURE: Alex Bainbridge posted some great articles "for the Christmas Time"

Alex Bainbridge is an interesting man. The last time he lived in the Caucasus. Now he is in London for a few months (He left Georgia in September, told Hans Heiner Buhr). I was to late to meet him in Tbilisi. I know him only from his great blog, where he had a lot of material to publish:

Some days ago he sent me a email with two recent posts:

1. an itinerary for getting to georgia from europe by rail
Brussel-Koln-Wien-Budapest-Bucuresti-Sofia-Istanbul-Trabzon(bus)-Batumi(bus)-Tbilisi(train) takes a week!

2. and two very old (c.1909) recordings of Georgian songs
- "O Mountain, let me pass freely!", "mtao gadmishvi" in Georgian.
- "urmuli" - A song a Kakhetian cart-driver might have sung on his way home.

He expect to return to Georgia in a month's time.

Keep up the good work! Best Regards from snowless Germany, Ralph Hälbig

I hope we will meet us in the NEW YEAR 2008 !!!

CONCERT: Shakira concert on Rike square Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe)

Shakira concert on Rike square Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe)

It has been announced that Shakira will do a live concert on December 23, 2007 in the European nation of Georgia in Tbilisi, on Rike square

More: Shakira pop concert a landmark for tiny Georgia

JUSTIZ: Rechtsberater im Südkaukasus Wolfgang Reimers bemüht sich seit Jahren demokratischen Strukturen in der Rechtsbesprechung in den Ländern Georgien, Armenien und Aserbaidschan mit aufzubauen. Der Hesse ist als Rechtsberater im Südkaukasus tätig. Mehr >>>

MUSEUM: Matenadaran Museum

The Matenadaran is one of the oldest and richest book-depositories in the world. Its collection of about 17000 manuscripts includes almost all the areas of ancient and medieval armenian culture and sciences - history, geography, grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, mathematics-cosmography, theory of calendar, alchemy-chemistry, translations, literature, chronology, art history, miniature, music and theatre, as well as manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Greek, Syrian, Latin, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese and others. In this center of cultural heritage many originals, lost in their mother languages and known only of their Armenian translations, have been saved from loss.

The history of the Matenadaran dates back to the creation of the Armenian alphabet in 405. This center of manuscripts has a history of centuries and the history continues now as well.

Visit the Virtual Matenadaran, and find out yourself:


Photo & Textes on December 20, 2007 by nersess

Friday, December 21, 2007

NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-21-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

Attached PDF file easily navigable with Bookmarks pane
Archives and associated files at

1. report: Georgia: Sliding towards authoritarianism?
2. report: Crossing the line: Georgia’s violent dispersal of protestors and raid on Imedi Television
3. report: Presidential elections 2008 pre-election tv monitoring (First Report from 10-15 December)
4. ACT publishes indexes of political ratings and electorate's pre-election feelings
5. Phone poll gives former president commanding lead
6. CEC approves wording of election questions
7. Recommendations on the work of the Central Election Commission from Georgian NGOs
8. Pre-election polls: What would be needed
9. Lack of independent polling hurts elections
10. Cameras/VCR to be settled at electoral districts
11. CEC refused to publish primary data of election funds
Georgians in U.S. want to take part in 5 January polls
13. Pre-election turmoil in Samegrelo and totally falsified election registers
14. Debate over referendum wording about more than just the language
15. Plebiscite question agreed
16. Justice Minister responds to accusations linked to voter rolls
17. Ingilos boycott upcoming presidential elections
18. American expert, Lincoln Mitchell:
“You’ll have an election, you’ll have a winner and then you’ll have protests”
19. Georgia is the pilot project of United States
20. Government group to meet opposition
21. Authority is blamed for persecuting the opponents
22. NGOs to file suit against two presidential candidates
23. NGO demands prosecution of interior minister, former president
24. Germany will decide soon on whether to grant political asylum to Irakli Okruashvili
25. MPs comment on Berdzenishvili's statement
26. video:
Human Rights Watch: Georgian police went too far
27. Burjanadze negatively evaluates events held near Batumi University on November 08
28. TV debates held at Kakheti tv companies
29. CEC issued initial media monitoring results
30. Dieter Boden positively evaluated pre-election media monitoring
Video bridge Moscow-Tbilisi-New York – Georgia ahead of presidential elections – to be held
Newspaper Guria News kick-starts movement under slogan “we choose democracy!”
33. Successful mission for Adam Michnik
34. Who owns Rustavi 2 and Mze?
35. Burjanadze justifies Imedi closure, but not the means
36. Georgia station starts over
Government supports Georgian Patriarch’s initiative
38. Patarkatsishvili warned about possible disqualification from campaign
39. According to headquarters of Patarkatsishvili, voters’ lists are increased by 1/3
40. Patarkatsishvili refrains from arriving in Georgia
41. No plans for Patarkatsishvili's immediate return
Patarkatsishvili: ‘Saakashvili's regime dangerous, merciless’
43. Defect from Saakashvili - Patarkatsishvili tells Burjanadze
44. GYLA demands to withdraw candidacy of Saakashvili and Patarkatsishvili
People rushing to back Patarkatsishvili's presidential bid
46. Patarkatsishvili expected in Tbilisi ahead of 5 January vote
47. Report on Patarkatsishvili return to Georgia on Dec 20 denied
48. Badri Patarkatsishvili: From Russian businessman to Georgian presidential claimant
49. The Metekhi obligation: Shalva Natelashvili’s presidential program
50. Natelashvili meets voters in Kvemo Kartli Region
51. Natelashvili presents his program on demographic issues
52. Natelashvili wants campaign money declared
53. Maisashvili wraps up visit to Adjara
54. Maisashvili summed up results of two-day election campaign in Adjara
55. Maisashvili: Azerbaijanis will feel themselves as free and independent citizens in the country they live in
56. Maisashvili holds meetings with voter in Kutaisi
Maisashvili calls for "disobedience" if election rigged
New Rights snub inter-agency group on elections
59. Gamkrelidze to meet voters in Kakheti Region
Gamkrelidze’s ads attack Saakashvili’s policies
61. Opposition accuses former president of bribing voters
Opposition to trust international organizations' opinion of election
63. Profile of David Gamkrelidze
64. Gamqrelidze: I am not planning to be Georgian president for five years
65. Sarishvili meets with foreign ambassador
66. Sarishvili familiarized Kovalenko with her views on relations with Russia
67. Gachechiladze promises not to dismiss in vain state officials when he becomes president
68. Gachechiladze meets voters in Gori
69. Georgian students abroad, support Levan Gachechiladze
70. Gachechiladze sells GWS shares
71. Gachechiladze names reasons for selling shares
72. Opposition reports campaign HQ in western town vandalized
73. The opposition has discovered specific inaccuracies on voter lists
74. Saakashvili’s election headquarters welcome startup of media council activities
75. Saakashvili tightens his autocratic rule
76. Saakashvili to meet voters In Kobuleti
Youths supporting Mikheil Saakashvili are uniting
Human Rights Center insists on bringing up the case against Saakashvili
79. Saakashvili met voters in Kobuleti
80. Doctors joined youth headquarters supporting Saakashvili
81. More being spent on Saakashvili campaign than declared – rival
82. 2008 budget surplus of gel 275,000 planned
83. Revised 2008 draft budget unveiled
84. Defense spending cut by gel 400 mln
85. Budget of healthcare to increase to gel 1,260 billion in 2008
86. Money-and-credit and currency policy of 2008 will be directed to stabilization of prices
State program cheap credit prepared
88. Parliament of Georgia accepted the draft trends under money-and-credit and exchange policy in 2008
Inflation index in Georgia exceeds that in the main trade partners
90. The Government of Georgia to establish future's fund
91. Assets of Georgian banks to reach $14-15 billion in 2012 - Lado Gurgenidze
92. Government intends to reorganize stock market
No room for tsinandali on the Chinese wine market?
94. Poti population protest processing of aluminum oxide in Poti port
Poti free economic zone to be a ‘laboratory’ for Georgian development
A decade of challenges for Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova
97. Georgia to decide on CIS membership depending on its ability to resolve problems - diplomat
98. Eduard Shevardnadze: Gorbachev and Yeltsin confrontation led to the collapse of the Soviet Union
99. Yerevan to coordinate some issues with Georgian Administration
100. Armenia demanded to consider territorial conflicts in Georgia at PACE
101. Bezhuashvili congratulates Ukrainian colleague on appointment
102. Georgia against proposal to invite separatist leaders to Council of Europe
103. Burjanadze says Russia may stage acts of provocation
104. Russian peacekeepers deny dispatch of Chechen unit to Georgia's conflict zone
105. The Chechen bomb. Have the Russians deployed Zapad and Vostok on Georgian territory?
Chechen spetsnaz has entered Abkhazia and South Ossetia
107. Chechen servicemen thrown to conflict zones
108. video:
“Georgia has lost Abkhazia forever”: Abkhazian Deputy Foreign Minister
109. Russia determined to recognize Abkhazia
A restart to the Abkhaz conflict would be disastrous for both sides, experts warn
111. Two people died in car accident in Zemo Abkhazia
Resident of Abkhazia says Georgians deprived of rights in breakaway region
113. Minister says Georgia to respond to any acts of provocation in Abkhazia
House fired at by Georgians in Gali district - Abkhaz officials
115. Refugees from Abkhazia to receive humanitarian aid from Georgian royal family
116. Separatists detain 30 Georgians
117. Separatist PM threatens
118. video: Artillery fights snow blocks in Caucasus
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, OSCE envoy discuss S. Ossetia
120. Opening of new gas distribution network postponed
121. Burjanadze promised “033” staff renewal of technique and increase of salary
Burjanadze meets Agrarian University professors and students
123. Nino Burjanadze meets ethnic minorities in Georgia
124. Government to reinforce property rights
125. Government supports Georgian Patriarch’s initiative
126. OSCE Mission presents publications to support judicial reform and legislative process in Georgia
127. Ukrainian company opened plant in Georgia
128. Georgian beyond reason: Georgian people’s unrecognized contributions to the world
129. Family of victim of accident in Turkey blame bus driver
Flood threatens the Chomi population
Chechen refugees are not allowed to go abroad
132. A gift of canned food: UN distributes pork to Chechen refugees
Prison instead of love
134. Judges should obey “guidelines”
135. Batumi dwellers are disappointed with employment program
Park Hyatt Tbilisi and Shakira in Tbilisi
137. Nina Ananiashvili revives Georgian Ballet
138. Official demands gel 10,000 from young editor for moral damage
139. I was chained by the neck to a wall in a tiny underground cell. I prayed and thought about my family in Wales

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

SOON: Art Club Caucasus international

more details soon ...

Uploaded on December 21, 2007 by Hans Heiner Buhr

Pop Art by Hans Heiner Buhr (Set)

REPORT: Georgia: Sliding towards Authoritarianism?

Georgia: Sliding towards Authoritarianism?

Tbilisi/Brussels, 19 December 2007: The West must press Georgia to adopt genuine reforms and democratic openness, to stop creeping authoritarianism.

Georgia: Sliding towards Authoritarianism?,* the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines the increasing intolerance of dissent, which became evident when a state of emergency was declared in the small republic in November. It calls on Tbilisi to engage in a dialogue with political opponents and make its reform process transparent and accountable. The presidential election, which has been moved forward to 5 January 2008, will be only a first test of whether the worrying trend can be reversed.
President Mikhail Saakashvili inherited a failing state when he came to power with the 2003 Rose Revolution and soon came under increasing pressure from Russia. He committed his government to democracy, liberal reform and pursuit of membership in the European Union (EU) and NATO and has had significant success in rebuilding institutions and reforming the economy. However, checks and balances have been stripped back, justice arbitrarily applied, human rights abused and freedom of expression curtailed. The public was protesting precisely those failings, as well as perceived widespread corruption, in late October and early November 2007, when the government responded with violence.
“The government’s repressive and disproportionate response to peaceful demonstrations shocked Western capitals because they had seen Georgia as a beacon of democracy”, says Magdalena Frichova, Crisis Group’s Caucasus Project Director. “But it shouldn’t have. Sadly the Saakashvili administration has become increasingly authoritarian over the years”.
Western friends of Georgia, notably the U.S., the EU and NATO, need to re-evaluate their interpretation of what is happening and press Saakashvili and his administration to correct their course. Neither the frozen peace processes with the conflict regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia nor the serious bilateral strains with Moscow, which firmly maintains its influence in these breakaway territories, justifies the trend toward authoritarianism.
The U.S. in particular should make clear it supports democratic principles, not a particular leader. It is not enough to say that if the January elections are free and fair, Georgia will be back on track. Deeper problems relating to the rule of law, corruption, lack of media freedoms, weak checks and balances and growing economic disparities can no longer be overlooked. Genuine reforms and democratic openness are mutually reinforcing necessities.
“After the January elections it should not be business as usual”, says Sabine Freizer, Crisis Group’s Europe Program Director. “Georgia’s friends in the West should insist that the newly elected leadership recommit to democracy and the rule of law, reversing the government’s slide towards authoritarianism”.

Andrew Stroehlein (Brussels) 32 (0) 2 541 1635
Giulia Previti (Washington) 1 202 785 1601

To contact Crisis Group media please click here
Read the full Crisis Group report on our website:

The International Crisis Group (Crisis Group) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation covering some 60 crisis-affected countries and territories across four continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

NEWS: 20 Dec 07 | Caucasus Reporting Service 424

Armenia: State Tightens Media Controls
Harassment of provincial television station coincides with start of election campaign. By Ofelia Kocharian and Taguhi Tovmasian in Yerevan (CRS No. 424 20-Dec-07)
Georgians Put the Squeeze on Local Tycoon
Pressure mounts on a businessman and opposition leader accused of fomenting a coup. By Lela Iremashvili in Tbilisi (CRS No. 424 20-Dec-07)
Abkhaz Worried by Language Law
Concerns that a new law to promote the Abkhaz language may be counterproductive. By Anahid Gogorian in Sukhum (CRS No. 424 20-Dec-07)

SILVESTER: Katie Melua: Aufzeichnung eines Konzerts in der Philipshalle Düsseldorf

3sat Montag, 31.12.2007 Show/Musik 11:45 - 12:30 Uhr

Das Musikjahr 2003 endet mit einer Sensation: Das Debütalbum 'Call Off the Search' der erst 19-jährigen Katie Melua verkauft sich innerhalb von nur vier Monaten über eine Millionen Mal. Geboren am 16. September 1984 in der damaligen Sowjetrepublik Georgien, zieht die Familie in die Metropole Moskau. Nach wenigen Jahren in Moskau zieht die Familie weiter in die Hafenstadt Batumi am Schwarzen Meer und übersiedelt 1993 nach Belfast, wo ihr Vater als Herzchirurg arbeitet. 1997 ziehen die Meluas nach London und Katie besucht die Brit Performing Arts & Technology School. Mit 15 nimmt sie an einem Nachwuchswettbewerb teil, singt Mariah Careys Version von 'Without You' - und gewinnt. Mit dem Preisgeld finanziert sie die Renovierung der elterlichen Wohnung. Mit 17 Jahren nimmt Katie erste eigene Songs zwischen Jazz, Blues und Folk auf. Ihr Vorbild ist die verstorbene Sängerin Eva Cassidy. Der Produzent Mike Batt bietet Katie einen Vertrag über fünf Alben bei seinem Label Dramatico an und sagt später in einem Interview: 'Mit Katie habe ich eine fantastische Entdeckung gemacht. Ich hatte einige Vorsingen für Sänger abgehalten, um jemanden zu finden, der Jazz und Blues auf eine interessante Weise singen konnte. Ich habe aber nicht damit gerechnet, jemanden zu finden, der so einzigartig ist und offensichtlich auf dem Weg ist, etwas ganz Großes zu werden.' Katies erste Platte ist zunächst in Großbritannien erfolgreich. Im April 2004 erscheint die Platte in Deutschland und hält sich ab da bis September 2005 ganze 75 Wochen in den Hitparaden und erhält eine Platin-Auszeichnung. Kurz darauf folgt ihr zweites Album 'Piece by Piece', mit dem sie in ihrer Heimat sofort auf Platz 1 stürmt. Es folgen zahlreiche Preise wie der Echo und Brit Awards, eine Tour durch Amerika und eine holländische Tulpe, die ihren Namen erhält. Ihr drittes Werk 'Pictures' erscheint im Oktober 2007.

3sat präsentiert die Sängerin in einem stimmungsvollen Konzert im Rahmen ihrer Tour 2006 in Düsseldorf.



Anstehende Shows
02. Apr. 2008 19:00
Geneva Arena (doors open at 7pm) Geneva, Switzerland
11. Apr. 2008 19:00
Hallenstadion (Hallenstadium) (doors open at 7pm) Zürich, Switzerland
13. Apr. 2008 19:00
Ahoy (doors open at 7pm) Rotterdam
14. Apr. 2008 18:30
Forest National (doors open at 6.30pm) Brussels
04. Mai 2008 19:00
Royal Albert Hall London, London and South East

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos by Ako Kharistvalashvili

Today I have descovered this awesome photos by Ako Kharistvalashvili. I would like to know some more about this person. Maybe anywhere can tell me somethings about this photographer and his work. Made a comment!

more photos: Photos by Ako Kharistvalashvili (Set)


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NEWS: Georgia News Digest 12-19-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

Attached PDF file easily navigable with Bookmarks pane
Archives and associated files at

1. website: Georgia: Vote 2008
2. survey results: Presidential election and plebiscites
3. Sarishvili informed Boden about pretensions related to elections
4. TV warns of crisis if opposition candidate wins
5. Opposition voices new allegations against Saakashvili
6. Former security minister predicts end of Georgian authorities
7. Opposition trusts international election observers, MP
8. "Human Rights Center" to present account on events of November 07
9. Ombudsman: Use of rubber bullets illegal
10. Washington is watching
11. Burjanadze plays down failure to invite Russian observers
12. People in west Georgia forced to attend former president's rally – opposition
13. For a better future
14. NDI’ s recommendations to Georgian media ahead of elections
15. Adam Michnik’s group started its activities
16. TV debates to be held on Lagodekhi-based tv company LTV
17. Georgian presidential campaign broadcasts kick off
18. Newspaper protests over ‘anonymous tv owners’
19. TVs submit ownership papers
20. Media Council – Mze TV apportioned major airtime to presidential candidate Mikheil Saakashvili
21. GNCC no to sanction Rustavi 2, Mze and Imedi TV
22. Media coverage of election campaign balanced – watchdog
23. CEC issues tv monitoring results
24. Khidasheli demands respond to violations in electoral lists
25. Decision on issues related to plebiscite to be received on Tuesday
26. Government task force finds no fraud in voter rolls
27. Accusations of government intimidation against businesses as opposition struggle to find campaign funding
28. Will the snap presidential election in Georgia give a chance to the opposition?
29. Court orders CEC to open polling stations in Iraq, Kosovo
30. Tbilisi City Court complied with Saakashvili’s appeal
31. Court rules soldiers in Iraq, Kosovo can vote
32. CEC allows polling stations in Iraq, Kosovo
33. Salome Zurabishvili calls on Georgian citizens abroad to participate in presidential elections
34. Election headquarters of Saakashvili welcome court decision
35. Saakashvili to get involved in tv debates consequent to debates held among other presidential candidates
36. Saakashvili vows poverty/unemployment reduction if victorious
37. Video clip "Misha is cool!" Being filmed to support Mikheil Saakashvili
38. Saakashvili met voters in Samegrelo region
39. A Georgia without poverty, perhaps, but also plans without details
40. NGOs create "moral front" against former Georgian president
41. Saakashvili lays out priorities
42. Saakashvili ‘bets’ on Batumi in contest with Sochi
43. People are gathered near headquarters of Patarkatsishvili
44. Patarkatsishvili presents principle thesis of acting program
45. For tycoon's campaign, money does the talking
46. Patarkatsishvili headquarters accuse Georgian ruling party of racism
47. Patarkatsishvili pledges gel 1.5 bln of own money in assistance
48. Badri Patarkatsishvili’s program: Buying the election to buy Georgia
49. A chicken in every pot? Guria residents don’t think so
50. Majority of Parliament accused Patarkatsishvili on subornation of voters
51. Majority MPs negative on Georgian tycoon's election promises
52. People in line at presidential candidate's headquarters, expecting monetary aid
53. Natelashvili says Patarkatsishvili copied his election program
54. Natelashvili does not trust international observers
55. Shalva Natelashvili promises to give high salaries to teachers
56. Maisashvili challenges presidential candidates to TV debates
57. Gia Maisashvili challenges his competitors to televised debates
58. Gachechiladze meets ethnic minority groups
59. Levan Gachechiladze met population in Khashuri
60. Davit Gamkrelidze met voters in Bolnisi
61. Saakashvili lays out priorities
62. Attempt made to assault journalist Kosta Koshte in Tskhinvali
63. European Union is interested in increasing of its presence in South Caucasus
64. Separatist official denies Georgian reports of deadly blast in Abkhazia
65. Separatist official unhappy with number of Abkhaz passports
66. More Russian peacekeepers arrive in Abkhazia for rotation
67. Train carrying 500 Russian peacekeepers arrives in Abkhazia
68. Tbilisi names accusations of de facto regime of explosion in Tskhinvali absurd
69. Ministry denies involvement in car blast in separatist South Ossetia
70. One dies in Tskhinvali blast
71. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Refugees and Resettlement visited South Ossetia
72. Lomaia says interclan rivalry behind blast in breakaway region
73. South Ossetian separatists say Georgia threat to neighbouring countries
74. report: Civil Society on priorities of the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan for Georgia for 2007–2009
75. EU allocates 24-mln euro to Georgia as part of ENPI
76. Georgia ready for a Free Trade Agreement with the EU – says UNDP feasibility study
77. Georgi Baramidze signed new document on cooperation with European Union
78. Georgia to be discussed at session of CoE's Monitoring Committee
79. PACE monitoring committee to discuss Georgia
80. Eorsi to inform CoE committee about situation in Georgia
81. Georgia discredits BSEC
82. U.S. ambassador: I won't pretend there aren't any disappointments [excerpt]
83. National Security Council approves document drawing it closer to NATO
84. Russian opposition to Kosovo independence ‘perplexing’ [excerpt]
85. The Rose of Georgia is still vulnerable to Russia
86. Funding of social programs to increase by gel 400 mln - PM
87. Of governments, Interpol and wine: New prime minister
88. Lado Gurgenidze approves of a citrus processing enterprise
89. What will the government’s proposed social programs cost?
90. Working meeting on property legalization held with participation of Prime Minister
91. "Dignified Start" - A new dual initiative of the private sector and the government
92. The Patriarch’s new initiative
93. Patriarch urges for restoration of Georgian churches in Turkey
94. Dismissed personnel to receive assistance in business startup
95. Standard Bank struggling to avoid bankruptcy
96. Advertising market expands by USD 4m
97. Defending yourself before everyone else: When two wrongs don’t make a right
98. Georgian border sector a "threat"
99. Rakeen published Georgian projects
100. ‘My dog ate my paper’
101. GYLA demands fining of Tbilisi city administration and Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement
102. Bezhuashvili informed First Deputy Chairperson of Estonian Parliament about situation in Georgia
103. Azerbaijan and Georgia launch negotiations on supply of SOCAR gas in 2008
104. Belarus lifts ban on import of Georgian tangerines
105. The Government of Georgia and the World Bank sign an agreement for the second East-West highway
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