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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 10-31-07

A service of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
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1. report: Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee
2. report: Briefing to the United Nations Human Rights Committee
3. PM says country ready to join NATO, urges Russia to cooperate
4. US envoy speaks about Georgia’s integration to NATO
5. UN torture investigator slams western complacency
6. De Hoop Scheffer: "No guarantee" that NATO will invite new members to join
7. Regional educational team seminar on NATO held in Tbilisi
8. Georgia criticized over rights: Apparent violations may hurt prospects for NATO entry
9. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Sean McCormack holds State Department regular news briefing
10. Senior U.S. diplomat to visit Georgia
11. Bitterness of a lover spurned
12. Worsening conflict between Russia and Georgia driven by Washington-Moscow rivalries
13. paper: Anti-revolutionary measures of the post-Soviet regimes
14. U.S. calls government, opposition for a dialogue
15. Republican leaders visit U.S.
16. Georgian opposition says USA "deeply concerned" over developments in Georgia
17. Documentary on death of Zurab Zhvania shown on REN TV
18. Government officials from eighteen states to visit Georgia
19. Burjanadze met OSCE High Commissioner
20. Meeting of South Caucasus state structures to be held in Georgia
21. Territory of Russian military base in Shuakhevi transferred to Georgian Patriarchate
22. Turkish-Georgian trade continues to increase
23. Tehran-Ankara-Tbilisi axis
24. Azerbaijan to increase price of gas exported to Georgia
25. Three companies applied for tender on construction of the railroad section Akhalkalaki-Kartsakhi
26. Contractor for Georgian branch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line to be chosen only by November 5
27. Breakaway republics look to advance statehood at summit
28. Russian diplomat: It is a question why the Georgian leadership is concentrating armaments near the conflict zones
29. video: Russian patrol detains Georgian troops
30. video: Georgia ups ante on Russian peacekeepers
31. Leader convenes Security Council over incident with peacekeepers
32. President arrives in Ganmukhuri following incident with Russian peacekeepers
33. Peacekeepers attack personnel of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs at peace camp in Ganmukhuri
34. President angrily confronts Russian peacekeepers
35. President greets Russian peacekeeper of Chechen origin
36. Official says Georgian, Russian troops in shoot-out near Abkhaz border
37. Georgian MIA reports of shootout with Russian peacekeepers
38. Russian peacekeepers apprehend, beat 3 policemen near Abkhazia
39. Situation in zone of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict tense but under control
40. Tbilisi denies Georgian policemen's attack on Russian peacekeepers
41. Confrontation in Ganmukhuri
42. Russian peacekeepers release Georgian policemen
43. Targamadze evaluates Ganmukhuri incident as provocation
44. Minister says recent incident "most grievous act of provocation"
45. Georgian Interior Ministry on high alert
46. Abkhaz minister accuses Georgia of trying to discredit peacekeepers
47. Intl pressure on Georgia secured Abkhazian troops’ release
48. Russian peacekeepers acted in direct violation of CIS mandate
49. Peacekeepers release three Georgian policemen
50. Saakashvili tells chief Russian peacekeeper to leave Georgia
51. President declares Russian peacekeeping chief persona non grata
52. Foreign Ministry demands departure of Gen Chaban
53. Possible ceasing of Russian peacekeeping revitalized
54. No comment on Saakashvili's persona non grata declaration
55. Peacekeepers’ commander does not find it necessary to comment on Saakashvili’s statements
56. Peacekeepers’ commander refuses to leave Georgia
57. Russian official defies Tbilisi’s wish to expel chief peacekeeper
58. Abkhazia concerned over rapid militarisation of Georgia
59. Georgia is buying powerful multiple launch rocket systems
60. Peacekeepers or drug smugglers?
61. Russians afraid that if Georgian regains Abkhazia it will want Sochi too
62. Sokhumi mobilizes additional forces in Gali
63. A new stage in Abkhaz conflict settlement?
64. Russia lifts ban on most food imports from Georgian separatist region
65. Abkhaz president thanks international mediators for release of capture servicemen
66. Russia not interested in peaceful settlement of Abkhaz conflict
67. Tuesday incident in Zugdidi district is provocative act
68. JCC not enough for solving conflict
69. Russian could speed up settlement of South Ossetia conflict
70. South Ossetia strengthens security measures due to opposition meeting
71. Session of OSCE standing council to be held in Vienna to discuss issue on Georgia
72. Prime Minister welcomes OSCE's role in conflict resolution
73. MP demands investigation into businessman Shalikiani's case
74. Subari demands adequate punishment of culprits
75. Opposition wants criminal proceedings against Zugdidi attackers
76. Chairman of CEC to leave for Kvemo Kartli on Wednesday
77. Students and professors of Academy of Sport to hold rally today
78. President and Parliamentary majority discuss Patarkatsishvili statement
79. Green Party express solidarity with Russian colleagues
80. Malkhaz Akishbaia to meet with internally displaced persons residing in Tsageri
81. Ruling party to deliver firewood to IDPs
82. Seven companies applied for participation in auction on license on radio frequency range for WIMAX network
83. President opened new factory in Lilo
84. Ministry of Defense of Georgia hosts German experts
85. Renovation work to start in Kutaisi soon
86. Criminal case instituted on fact of wounding reservist Nozadze
87. Two citizens of Ukraine detained at "Poti-Port" checkpoint
88. Border guards detained three citizens of Georgia wanted by MIA
89. Inflation—discrepancies between official figures and reality?
90. OMX may buy controlling interest in Georgian Stock Exchange
91. paper: Georgian immigrant women in the U.S.A.: Problem of Americanization
92. working paper: The rise and fall and revival of the Ibero-Caucasian hypothesis
93. presentation: Reconfiguration of ritual space in the traditional religious systems of the Georgian highlands 94. paper: The banner of Xaxmat’is-Jvari: Vazha-Pshavela’s Xevsureti

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Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

EXHIBITION: Yesterday: Opening of Misha Shengelia at Baia's Gallery Chardin St. Tbilisi

The small paintings of the size of 20x30 cm are combined to blocks of 8 and 16 paintings, but selling also separately, quite a lot paintings sold at the opening. Each painting resembles a stamped postcard (from a strange place like the Caucasus). Hans Heiner Buhr

More on Opening of Misha Shengelia with more paintings ...


I had read the GEORGIA TODAY in the airplane before two days on my flight back to Berlin. There was recommend this exhibition - only open until tomorrow (!) After the exhibition "Nostalgia" by Oleg Timchenko has the "Royal Mail" by Misha Shengelia a short intermezzo there ...

Georgia News Digest 10-30-07
A service of the
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
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Archives and associated files at

1. report: Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Georgia
2. Estonia backs Georgia’s aspirations re NATO
3. Estonia's DM to discuss stronger military cooperation with Georgia
4. NATO days opened in Tbilisi
5. Georgia’s integration in NATO- a serious achievement for Turkey as well
6. Noghaideli holds meetings in Vienna
7. France has an obvious desire to be more present in the field of business and economy
8. Military expert considers it possible to establish military bloc in the framework of GUAM
9. Leaders of breakaway regions in Georgia, Moldova to meet
10. Sokhumi to host summit of secessionist leaders
11. Peacekeepers "forcing" Georgians to take part in opposition rally
12. Peacekeepers deny interfering in Georgia's political life
13. Abkhaz leader's visit to Turkey cancelled on Georgia's demand
14. Abkhazian government to hold meetings with refugees
15. Sokhumi to host summit of secessionist leaders
16. Georgian leadership intends to destabilize situation in the conflict zone
17. Financial institutes to be created in Tskhinvali region
18. Georgia, OSCE to discuss Georgia-South Ossetia peaceful settlement
19. Boney M. throws a disco party in S. Ossetia: From Moscow to South Ossetia in 30 years
20. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
21. Bokeria calls on population not to show aggression towards opposition
22. Where the fight against monopolies will lead
23. Natural gas vouchers given
24. People are made of fun by vouchers
25. President upbeat on his country's future
26. Saakashvili meets ruling party
27. Ruling party may compromise on election code
28. Authorities prepare for high-profile conference
29. Experts question need of increased military forces
30. Another new direction for Georgia: Change in economic policy accompanies investigation into price rises
31. Bad news about Georgia means bad news for Georgia
32. Two jailed and five fined for assaulting opposition in Zugdidi
33. Fighting at opposition rally in western Georgia
34. video: Opposition MPs beaten up after rally
35. Burjanadze condemns attacks on protesters in Zugdidi
36. Speaker demands punishment for offenders in recent incident
37. Parliamentary majority concerned over incident in Zugdidi
38. Subari calls on Prosecutor’s Office to investigate fact of assault of MPs
39. Ombudsman slams authorities ‘intolerance to protest rallies’
40. Ombudsman, senior MP call for probe into break-up of rally
41. Events taken place in Zugdidi to be shameful
42. Chikhradze calls on law enforcers to investigate incident in Zugdidi
43. "United People’s Movement" accuses government of incident in Zugdidi
44. The authorities must be changed in a non-revolutionary way
45. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
46. Imedi TV founder to finance opposition
47. Badri Patarkatsishvili decides to "join the people" and finance Georgian opposition
48. Media tycoon to finance united opposition movement
49. PM says authorities must defeat media tycoon in politics
50. Ruling party chief comments on tycoon's decision to sponsor opposition
51. Tbilisi mayor calls media tycoon "traitor"
52. Patarkatsishvili’s putsch will not work
53. President and parliamentary majority discuss Patarkatsishvili statement
54. Patarkatsishvili’s decision to sponsor opposition was not surprise for parliamentary majority
55. Patarkatsishvili bought opposition very easily
56. MP says opposition politicians "puppets" in media tycoon's hands
57. Opposition groups welcome tycoon's promise of financial support
58. Opposition leader to meet Georgian TV owner for talks in London
59. Shalva Natelashvili approves financing of opposition by Badri Patarkatsishvili
60. Parliamentary opposition positively evaluates Patarkatsishvili’s decision to sponsor united opposition
61. President is a terrorist
62. Gamkrelidze leaves for London to meet Patarkatsishvili
63. Opposition will use Patarkatsishvili’s assistance to bring the authorities on mind
64. Opposition calls for legal action against ruling party
65. Bokeria calls on population not to show aggression towards opposition
66. Opposition boycotts Rustavi 2
67. United opposition to arrive in Racha
68. Opposition leaders holding talks with US officials
69. Republican Party leader warns authorities
70. In anticipation of November 2
71. Two new deputies of Health Care Minister appointed
72. The Prosecutor’s Office is going to make an unprecedented plea bargain
73. Employee of MIA detained for bribe taking
74. Jailed ex-Interior Ministry officer commits suicide
75. Self-defense policy in Kutaisi prison
76. The HRIDC discloses city council corruption in Gori
77. Why is Khobian Irakli Tsurtsumia protesting and what made him go to the Equality Institute?
78. Tbilisi municipality considers alternative transport routes regarding rally on November 02
79. Personnel of archives and records keeping of public agencies undergo training
80. Press is to better organize subscription service
81. Armen Smbatian squanders conservatory’s money
82. Look who's cheating now
83. Russian media cover opposition rallies with interest
84. video: Georgia – home to first Europeans
85. President Saakashvili opens football and rugby complex in Saguramo

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814


Oil on canvas 60x70cm

More you can find in the ARAME ART GALLERY JEREVAN

REPORTAGE (18): Gut sein macht Diebe

Text und Photos von Patricia Scherer

Braune Augen hat der kleine Junge, der mir fordernd seine Hand entgegen streckt. Und ein klein wenig Angst habe ich auch vor ihm, denn hinter ihm läuft seine große Schwester mit einem Baby auf dem Arm und blickt mich mit gleicher Miene an. Schmutzig sind sie, und natürlich habe auch ich Vorurteile. Straßenkinder, Roma oder Sinti, flink und trickreich. Kleine Diebe in einem großen Netzwerk organisierter Kriminalität. Also, halte ich meine Tasche ganz fest, hier auf dem Rustaveli Prospekt, da wo die Touristen Trinkhörner und Kitsch kaufen. Klar, sie sind aufdringlich, die Kids mit den dunklen, flehenden Augen. Trotzdem scheinen sie Erfolg zu haben, denn sie kommen jeden Tag wieder um gute Gaben mitzunehmen.

Straßenkinder von dieser Sorte habe ich schon oft gesehen, in Wien, Berlin oder Rom, in Moskau oder Paris. Manchmal greift sie die Polizei hier in Tbilisi auf und bringt sie nach Gildani ins Heim für Straßenkinder, doch sie bleiben nicht lang. Denn: schon ein paar Stunden oder Tage später werden sie von ihren Eltern abgeholt, um wieder auf dem Rustaveli zu betteln.
Und dann gibt es in Gildani die anderen: Kinder, die keine Eltern haben, die geflohen sind vor der Gewalt und dem Elend zu Hause. Kinder, die nicht so waren, wie ihre Eltern sie wollten, und deshalb die Straße ihr Zuhause nennen. Kinder, die betteln, und vielleicht sogar ihren Körper verkaufen. Vielleicht nicht gleich, denn Kleber in Tüten ist preiswert. Doch Subotex lässt sich schon nicht mehr so leicht von ein paar erbettelten Lari bezahlen. Und das Leben ist trist, wenn man klein und verletzt ist, innen wie außen. Und noch viel trister, wenn man nicht weiß, was Zuhause ist.

Einige dieser Kinder haben zumindest vorläufig ein warmes Plätzchen gefunden - im Heim. Doch bis auf ein paar vereinzelte Unterrichtsstunden und den Bolzplatz, gibt es wenig zu tun in Gildani. Manche der Großen arbeiten tagsüber auf dem Bau. Die Kleinen spielen unter sich. Keti, die Sozialarbeiterin, meine Mutter und ich beschließen einen Nachmittag mit den kleinen und großen Kindern zu verbringen. Wir wollen Kartoffeldrucke und Collagen machen. Meine Mutter hat einmal Kunstpädagogik studiert und wird mich bald in Tbilisi besuchen, also trifft sich das gut. Sie hat eine Liste angefertigt, mit Dingen die sie für den Nachmittag braucht und Keti und ich machen uns auf den Weg in einem türkischen Laden im ehemaligen deutschen Viertel auf der Agmaschenebelistraße um Kleber, Papier und Farben zu kaufen. Kennen Sie dieses Phänonomen? Wenn man Gutes tut, fühlt man sich auch gut. Man fühlt sich geradezu unverletzbar. Und stark. Bei mir paart sich diese Gefühl mit einem tief verankerten Glauben an das Gute im Menschen. Ich bin überzeugter Philanthrop, auch wenn ich das manchmal nicht zugegeben kann, und die Menschen häufig sehr kritisch betrachte. Und deshalb schließe ich auch keine Türen ab, meine Handtaschen sind häufig offen und ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass gerade das mich vor Unheil bewahrt. Gelegenheit macht Diebe, werden Sie sagen. Vielleicht trifft Offenheit aber auch auf Ehrlichkeit, und Misstrauen und Angst auf Feindseligkeit. Zumindest hoffe ich das Offenheit und Ehrlichkeit siegen, obwohl ich auch schon hin und wieder eines Besseren belehrt wurde. Allerdings hat mich diese Überzeugung nicht vor geklauten Geldbörsen, Kameras oder sonst was bewahrt. Oder doch? Vielleicht würde ich heute auf noch viel mehr Geldbörsen und Kameras verzichten, wenn ich immer alles abschließen und sichern würde. Und natürlich möchte ich auch nicht so gerne in einer völlig abgeschlossenen und sicheren Welt leben, die das Misstrauen wahrscheinlich noch weiter sät und fördert. Misstrauen ist wie ein Virus, er kriecht in Körper und Seele, und frisst einen von innen auf, wenn man ihm zu viel Raum gibt.

Nun gut, Keti und ich hatten also Gutes getan, nämlich Bastel- und Malsachen für die Straßenkinder im Heim gekauft, und ich hatte eine offene Tasche. Beste Voraussetzungen um ohne Misstrauen unbeschadet durch das Leben zu schlendern. Zumindest nach meiner Theorie. Mit einer dicken Papierrolle unterm Arm, frisch gewechselten Lari in der Tasche und einem angeregten Gespräch auf den Lippen machen Keti und ich uns also auf den Weg nach Hause mit Bus Nummer Zwei. Beim Aussteigen schreite ich über eine Melone in einem Waschzuber, der mitten auf dem Gang zwischen den Sitzen steht. Der Bus ist voll, bunt und laut, die Tüten und Papierrollen in meinen Händen unhandlich und schwer. Nachdem wir uns aus dem Bus gepresst haben, machen wir uns auf den Nebenstraßen auf den Weg nach Hause. Keine bettelnden Straßenkinder, keine Autos, ja eigentlich keine Menschen, und fast kein Lärm. Seitenstraßen können wirkliche Oasen in der Großstadt sein. Keti und ich haben nach einem langen Tag mehr als Hunger, beim Tone-Bäcker halten wir an um ein Hatschapuri zu kaufen. Und da merke ich es: sie ist weg, meine Geldbörse. Ich setze mich hin auf die Stufe des Tone-Bäckers, leere hektisch meine ganze Tasche aus, und weil ich gerade sowieso eine Wut im Bauch habe auf Georgien wegen ganz anderer Dinge, ist Georgien jetzt natürlich auch schuld. Wer sonst? So etwas passiert einem auch nirgendwo sonst auf der Welt. Und meine Theorie kann ja wohl kaum etwas dafür.

Auf dem Weg nach Hause wird mir klar, was gerade passiert ist. Ich sehe vor meinem inneren Auge viele deutsche Behörden, denen ich nach meiner Rückkehr einen Besuch abstatten darf, denn Führerschein, Presseausweis und Kreditkarten sind weg. Und wenn man beklaut wird, zahlt man meist noch drauf. Bearbeitungsgebühren nämlich. Aber das scheint überall auf der Welt so zu sein. Während ich also fluchend meine Bankkarten sperre, ruft Keti bei der Polizei an. Leise hoffe ich immer noch, dass offene Ehrlichkeit und Gutmenschentum mit dem Schreck davon kommen, und das meine Geldbörse wieder auftaucht, wenn auch ohne Geld. Behördengänge sind nicht nur kostspielig, sondern auch außerordentlich lästig, und mit einer der letzten Beschäftigungen, mit denen ich Zeit verbringen möchte.

Fünf Minuten später stehen meine hoffnungsvollen Ritter in blaugrauer Uniform vor mir, und versichern fast, dass die Geldbörse wieder gefunden wird. Ich sehe ihn schon vor mir: den großzügigen Trupp georgischer Polizisten die weiträumig das Zielgebiet durchsuchen. Polizisten sind in Georgien ausnahmsweise keine Mangelware. Sie sind jung, stark und gutaussehend, und es gibt wirklich sehr, sehr viele davon. Allerdings bedarf es dazu das Ausfüllen von zwei, drei Formularen...

Mit etwas Geduld mehr über gute Dinge auf dem Georgien Blogspot:

Teil 19: Auf nimmer wiedersehen

Teil 17: Hupkonzert

Patricia Scherer in Georgia (Caucasus) photos

Patricia Scherer
freie Journalistin
Skype: patriciaworldwide


Deutsche Filmwoche: Made in Germany

MADE IN GERMANY wird dieses Jahr sechs deutsche Spielfilme parallel zum 8. Internationalen Filmfestival Tbilissi vom 03. - 09. Dezember 2007 zeigen. Die deutsche Filmreihe mit aktuellen, zum Teil preisgekrönten Filmen kann man im Kinotheater AMIRANI sehen. Es werden folgende Filme angeboten:

Vier Minuten von Chris Kraus
Yella von Christian Petzold
Sehnsucht von Valeska Grisebach
Ein Freund von mir von Sebastian Schipper

Von einem der auszog, Wim Wenders frühe Jahre von Marcel Wehm (Dokumentarfilm)
Ein Kinderfilm (wird noch festgelegt)

Bei Filmen, die in Anwesenheit von Mitwirkenden (Regisseur, Schauspieler) gezeigt werden, gibt es vor der Premiere eine Pressekonferenz und eine kleine offizielle Begrüßung. Die Filme werden im Orginal mit georgischen Untertiteln gezeigt.

Mehr >>>

The Day after Birthday
Two Artists: Hans Heiner Buhr and Murtaz Svelidze

Photo on October 27, 2007 by Ralph Hälbig

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Georgia News Digest 10-29-07
A service of the
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
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1. Do not appease Russia
2. Russian Foreign Minister's interview with Finnish newspaper [excerpt]
3. Moscow-Tbilisi relations can be improved if Georgia stops hostile rhetoric
4. Georgian opposition leader holds meetings at NATO secretariat in Brussels
5. South Caucasus states’ Euro-Atlantic integration to be discussed at several events
6. Bakradze to visit Vienna on October 29
7. NATO: Making enemies 'out of area' [excerpts]
8. Georgia and Azerbaijan intend to exchange practice in solving war veterans’ problems
9. Union of military NGOs likely to be established in the framework of GUAM
10. Russia calls on Georgia to sign pact with its rebel regions
11. CIS unrecognized states to coordinate policy in Georgia's Abkhazia
12. Group of Friends gives positive evaluation to Georgian-Abkhazian meeting
13. Georgian, Abkhaz ministers note progress after Sukhumi meeting
14. Georgian minister calls meeting with Abkhazian minister positive step
15. A note on Abkhaz unity and democracy-building
16. video: Georgia to release Abkhazian soldiers held since last month
17. video: Georgia frees Abkhazian servicemen in an "act of goodwill"
18. Court administered 5-month suspended sentence to seven Abkhazian militiamen
19. Abkhazian servicemen freed by Georgian court arrive in Sukhumi
20. Abkhaz parliament rejects bill on freedom of conscience
21. Georgia’s sea seizures pose threat to Abkhaz coal industry
22. Quadripartite Tskhinvali: Despite promising start, latest round of negotiations falters
23. Session of commission on defining status of South Ossetia to be held in Tamarasheni
24. PM outlines S. Ossetia state commission plans
25. Georgian side accused Popov of misinformation
26. Georgia accuses Russian envoy of disseminating misinformation
27. Tskhinvali blames Tbilisi for preparing armed provocations
28. Controversial Georgian Railways concession called off
29. Georgia announces tender on rail network
30. Breakdown of railway privatization deal
31. Privatization of Tbilisi Water still underway
32. Swiss Multiplex buys Georgian water firm for $85 mln
33. Tbilisi Water sold for usd 85.6 mln
34. MPs discuss 2007 budget revision
35. Katsitadze names changes introduced to state budget 2007 in end of year unjustified
36. Invest in Georgia moving on
37. In Georgia, no need for currency board
38. Committee on determination of NBG’s international audit set up at parliament
39. Bread prices set to rise again
40. Law on iodized salt has nothing to do with increase of price on salt
41. Vouchers will be probably enough for each family even for some months
42. Kukava advises government to payout debt on salaries
43. Cabinet meeting minutes: cleansing the economy of Okruashvili’s remains
44. Political game of king-making in Georgia
45. Opinion survey: a constitutional monarchy for Georgia?
46. A look at the headlines…
47. What is the nexus? "Poverty and Anti-corruption"
48. Valeri Glbakhiani demands set-up of anti-corruption commission for study of ministers’ corrupted business
49. Tkemaladze positively evaluates idea of setting up of new commission
50. "Right Opposition" supports setting up of anti-corruption commission at parliament
51. Gelbakhiani demands setting up of temporary investigation commission on study of anti-corruption activity
52. Georgian radical opposition fancying regime change
53. Ex-MP accuses government of racketeering
54. New office of oppositional Movement for a United Georgia opens in Adjara
55. Opposition unveils political manifesto
56. Opposition stresses its moderate credentials
57. Opposition campaigners work the coastline
58. Konstantin Gamsakhurdia calls Zugdidi residents to protest
59. The US Ambassador promised us to be a mediator between the authorities and us
60. Opposition proposes amendments to election code
61. Opposition decides to boycott Rustavi-2 TV station
62. NGOs expressed support to united opposition
63. Representatives of united opposition met with John F. Tefft
64. "Young Republicans" to expose government of 100 crimes
65. Leader blames "spoiled" opposition for judgments on government
66. Opposition, NGOs agree Georgia no longer needs revolutions
67. Georgian authorities lose by refusing to come to Imedi TV - US co-owner
68. This is the government of the whole country, including those who do not like this government
69. Penitentiary department makes comment on Davit Kekua’s suicide
70. Jailed ex-police official ‘commits suicide’
71. Meeting on popularization of probation sphere to be held in Ureki
72. Kurashvili appointed as chief of staff of peacekeeping operations of joint staff of Georgian armed forces
73. Georgian commander appointed chief of peacekeeping operations staff
74. The army is to fully switch from Russian to Western armaments? Some experts are sceptical
75. Shida Kartli ex-governor released on bail
76. School principal declared mentally disabled
77. New-look Tbilisoba: A forced celebration of a not-ready for prime time city
78. Armenians detained trying to cross into Turkey with radioactive substance
79. School personnel and parents to hold protest action, if Georgian director is appointed to Azerbaijani school in Tbilisi
80. Geocell withdraws financial backing of Geo Bar
81. ARTI group resumes operations
82. 400 buses ensure transportation of passengers from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi today
83. Man in Georgia abandons orders awarded to him by Saakashvili
84. Archaeology and Pirosmani: Sighnaghi gets its first modern museum
85. Young Spectators’ Theatre reborn as Nodar Dumbadze State Children’s Theatre
86. Third stage of project "Speak on Georgian Language" to be held in Zugdidi
87. They’re moving fast, but they’re not Russian
88. Man's ear tows 7.7-ton chopper

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Oleg Timchenko: Babuschka


Nationality - from Tbilisi, Profession Artist 2002. (OSGF)

The film is about the significance of evaluation and salvage of multiethnic resources traditionally existing in Georgia; how the artist understands multicultural and multiethnic unity, how he regards himself in this space and are these themes actual for him or not.

Artists Participants Oleg Timchenko, Zuleika Bazhbeuk-Melikova, Gari Daphtian’s puppets & Zhana Daphtian, Ira Kurmaeva, Sophia Cherkezishvili, Temo Japharidze, Erna Dolamazova

Producer: Alxandra Gabunia, Nino Gujabidze, Iliko Zautashvili

Director: Ketevan Gujabidze

Screenplay: Ketevan Gujabidze

Photography: Giorgi Beridze

Editting: Ketevan Gujabidze & Giorgi Imedashvili

Sound recording: Giorgi Beridze

Music: Music of Albion, Ara Gevorkian, Peter Gabriel, Comitas, Louis Armstrong, Charles Aznavour from Gari Daptian’s puppet show “Unkind Puppets do not Exist”

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Changing In Tbilisi: Lari - Dollar - Euro

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Georgia News Digest 10-26-07
A service of the
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
Attached PDF file easily navigable with Bookmarks pane
Archives and associated files at

1. report: Forced out: LGBT people in Georgia
2. We'll always have Putin [excerpt]
3. Russia-Georgia ties improvement depends on Georgia
4. Georgia will make no mistakes in relation to Russia
5. Tbilisi's western bid gets warm words
6. Georgia has no claims for Sochi, but let others have no claims for Abkhazia
7. Georgia's Jan-Sep Russian gas imports over 700 million cu m
8. Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II asks US President Georgia Bush to help unite Georgia
9. 17th Meeting of Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of BSEC member states took place in Ankara
10. Israel concerned with Georgia-Iranian relations
11. Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation due to be opened in Tbilisi
12. Georgia to send new priest to Azerbaijan
13. Azerbaijani captain to serve two months sentence in Georgia
14. PM to report on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
15. Russia urges Georgia sign security pact with breakaway regions
16. Russia warns of Kosovo "precedent" for separatists
17. Georgian, Abkhaz senior officials resume contacts
18. Minister calls meeting with Abkhazian minister positive step
19. Georgia agrees to free captured rebels
20. Georgia pledges to free 7 military personnel Saturday
21. video: Georgia to release Abkhazian soldiers involved in deadly shootout
22. “Stagnation” – Abkhaz foreign minister on talks with Georgian state secretary
23. Sukhumi might give Georgian journalists allowances to report
24. A special UN group will investigate the conflict resolution process
25. Press summary for Abkhazia 23-29 Oct 07
26. Unification of society goal of new party - Abkhaz businessman
27. Abkhaz de facto president asks businessmen to support development of Sokhumi
28. Russia rejects Georgia reports on disengagement line mining
29. Co-chair of commission on Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement: “Hopes ruined”
30. South Ossetia wants Georgia to guarantee non-use of force
31. Separatist official comments on thwarted talks on Georgian-Ossetian conflict
32. Sides comment on recent commission meeting on South Ossetia
33. Russian official says Georgians, Ossetians to restore breached trust
34. Zurab Noghaideli to visit Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone on Friday
35. Tskhinvali blames Tbilisi for preparing armed provocations
36. Who would fake an assassination plot?
37. Rights groups criticise Georgia over jail torture
38. ILGA, COC denounce Georgia, Azerbaijan
39. Young people want to leave Georgia
40. President says neutrality unacceptable for Georgia
41. Georgia to soon complete army equipping with West weapons-Saakashvili
42. Parliamentary speaker discusses political situation with foreign ambassadors
43. Social and educational spheres still remain actual in state budget 2008
44. Police detained adherent of so-called criminal traditions Kote Dzotsenidze
45. MIA publishes list of so-called criminal authorities detained
46. Ministry of Internal affairs detained thirteen people in Kutaisi
47. Criminals have no future in Georgia
48. Government to submit demand on annulment of competition agency to parliament
49. The Council of Europe starts project in Georgia aimed at improvement of instruments against corruption
50. Lomaia to meet teachers of Kazbegi district
51. The final version of draft budget of Georgia for 2008 to be ready in the end of November
52. Special attention will be paid to funding social sphere in 2008 state budget of Georgia
53. Kheviashvili demands to allocate additional gel 18 million from state budget 2008
54. Our daily bread
55. 1 200 000 people to enjoy state insurance in 2008
56. Government of Georgia expects attraction of investments in Georgia
57. The IMF finishes its mission in Georgia
58. IMF mission to arrive in Georgia next week
59. Georgia suffering from Dutch disease, former Economy Minister argues
60. Spain’s Aqualia offers usd 105 mln for Tbilisi water
61. Here, guys, swoop on hospitals for symbolic price!
62. Competition on transfer of “Georgian Railway” LLC under management will be held in next few days
63. Georgia not to hand over railway management to British company
64. Three Tbilisi sulphur baths sold at the auction
65. Opposition declared boycott to Rustavi2 against Badri Patarkatsishvili’s instructions
66. Opposition continues boycotting Rustavi2
67. Competition announced for vacancy in GPB Board of Trustees
68. Davit Chantladze to visit Samtskhe-Javakheti Region on Friday
69. Vice Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti resigned as sign of protest
70. Parliament to hold debates on constitutional monarchy
71. Ugulava comments on Khabelov's statements
72. Chairman of CEC to visit regions of Georgia within framework of door-to-door program
73. Youth movement organized theatrical action near State Chancellery
74. Serious improprieties uncovered in state university branch
75. Chairman of students’ self-governance of TSU denies accusations
76. Avaliani denies accusations
77. Our country is not a political ring
78. Opposition leaders to meet Solana
79. Gujabidze: A provocation is being prepared against me!
80. Authorities like violence
81. Opposition MP says government behind monopolies
82. New Rights demand limits on foreign workers
83. Bread and fountains
84. Seminar dedicated to issues on psychological rehabilitation of convicts
85. Two prisoners die in Batumi jail #3
86. We need fresh air – Khoni psychiatric institution requires attention
87. Hatching gas conspiracy
88. Former and current managers of kindergartens continuing to fight
89. 34 families living in the “gvirabi” (“the tunnel”) buildings stay homeless
90. Grandmother loses grandchild- will grandmother find justice?
91. Rain is a miracle near Akhaltsikhe
92. The yellow bus bilkers: ticketless passengers
93. The Anaklian farmers are not going to hand over their land
94. Invasion of Georgia by Arabs
95. Genocide motion hits home with Armenians in Montana [excerpt]

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814
Georgia News Digest 10-25-07
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Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
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1. The tastier our pie, the more people want a piece of it [excerpt]
2. World must boycott Russian Olympics
3. Kremlin's CIS spin-doctor fired
4. The nuke deal is dead [excerpt]
5. US hopes to see South Caucasus as stable and peaceful region
6. Burjanadze, Bezhuashvili visit Turkey for BSEC summit
7. Georgia to provide Ukraine with oil produced in Azerbaijan
8. Georgian President asks his Azerbaijani counterpart for flour
9. Armenia is the bridge linking Moscow and Tehran
10. No final document on South Ossetian conflict settlement yet
11. JCC pointless, but Tbilisi will not deter it
12. JCC on S. Ossetia resumes talks
13. All four sides sit down for Tbilisi talks on South Ossetia conflict
14. Separatist minister demands Georgia to reconsider cases of detained Ossetians
15. Georgia demands new checkpoint at talks on South Ossetia conflict settlement
16. Head of Gazprom met with Kokoity
17. Tbilisi wants UN experts to review Abkhaz peace process
18. Ethnic purging to be discussed at UN headquarters on November 29
19. Abkhaz vice-president blasts UN over latest resolution on conflict with Georgia
20. Alasania evaluates last resolution by UN as result of right policy carried out by Georgia
21. Georgia to push for UN assessment of situation in Abkhazia conflict zone
22. Malaskhia names last resolution of UN positive for Georgia
23. Georgian, Abkhaz negotiators to discuss renewing talks
24. Minister to visit Abkhazia this week for talks
25. State Minister Bakradze to visit Sokhumi
26. Separatist minister protests Georgia's alleged use of unmanned aircraft
27. Shamba accuses Georgian side of using pilotless aircrafts
28. MIA detained suspected of drug dealing from Abkhazia
29. Abkhazia media overview
30. Sokhumi hosts conference to push Winter Olympics investments
31. Gogi Topadze elected Georgia's National Olympic Committee president
32. Sport official accuses authorities of "racist approach"
33. Olympic body official accuses government of ethnic discrimination
34. Changes at competition agency necessary
35. Merabishvili starts struggle against artificial monopoly
36. Saakashvili ordered government to reduce monopoly on Georgian market
37. President sets up anti-monopoly body in effort to combat rising prices
38. Curb monopolies to prevent price hikes – Saakashvili tells ministers
39. Tarkhnishvili to meet representatives of three opposition parties
40. Chairman of CEC to inform Kirkitadze about process of door-to-door program
41. A lower vote threshold may be good for democracy, but is bad news for the opposition
42. Ruling party rejects opposition’s initiation
43. Action supporting press held at State Chancellery
44. Equality Institute held protest action to support press
45. Shida Kartli governor has new press secretary
46. Georgia’s most watched TV channel
47. RIA Novosti to become more active on Georgian information market
48. Regional organization “Movement For United Georgia” established in Batumi
49. Nobody should hope that subdivisions of special task units will be used against the people
50. Equality Institute found new movement in Khobi
51. United opposition continues tour of western Georgia
52. Inmates warn against provocation ahead of planned opposition democratic
53. Opposition to stage other protest rallies in regions
54. Opposition to hold rally in Poti
55. Top MP queried on links to arrested ex-minister
56. I tried to make Okruashvili change his mind
57. Vakhtang Machavariani appeals to Prosecutor’s Office against Culture Ministry
58. Saakashvili demands ascertaining of precise number of pensioners
59. 65% of vouchers issued in Tbilisi
60. Georgia will not start new program of cooperation with IMF
61. BP’s 10 million dollar grant for the state roads
62. Authority of the financial monitoring service of Georgia to be enlarged
63. Arveladze to open new office of National Investment Agency of Georgia
64. In Georgia rise of price on flour is caused by foreign factor
65. Reorganization reported in Ministry of Energy
66. Railway deal annulled, ministers confirm
67. Express of interests on privatization of “Georgian Railway” to be announced
68. Bendukidze excludes increase of inflation by issuing vouchers
69. 33 issues to be discussed at cabinet session
70. Unlike some national minorities Georgian Azerbaijanis are not under the influence of Russia
71. Anti-torture body criticizes Georgia
72. Saba hosts exhibit of modern paintings from Georgia

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814
Georgia News Digest 10-24-07
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Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
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1. WTO – the only lever against Russia
2. Georgian-Russian negotiations in Geneva finished without any effective results
3. NATO envoy comments on Georgia
4. NATO membership a political football
5. Putin the Great, NATO Ottomans & the pipeline labyrinth [excerpt]
6. Russia looks forward to better relationship - but not overnight
7. Georgian Embassy issued no visa to Russian TV anchor
8. Third world war or new world economic order? [excerpt]
9. U.S. Defense Secretary says 'nobody wants a new cold war' [excerpt]
10. Servicemen to vote at remote garrisons during Duma elections
11. Shevardnadze calls for a boycott of Sochi Olympics
12. Israel fears Russian fallout from Georgia deal
13. Gela Bezhuashvili and Shimon Peres discussed bilateral relations
14. Israeli Foreign Minister raises Georgian-Iranian ties
15. Nino Burjanadze to leave for Turkey on Tuesday
16. GUAM foreign ministers to meet in Madrid
17. Netherlands loans Georgia 2.5 mln euros to fight poverty
18. President Basescu tackles frozen conflicts issue
19. UN Security Council expands UNOMIG mandate to Kodori
20. Sokhumi hosts 'Olympic conference'
21. Abkhazia may agree to use of unmanned aircraft for security surveillance
22. Nino Burjanadze hopes that JCC session will be fruitful
23. The meeting of Joint Control Commission is formal
24. Ossetian side expressed readiness for constructive cooperation at JCC session
25. Mixed reactions after first day of S. Ossetia talks
26. Negotiators on S. Ossetia meet in Tbilisi
27. Chiefs of joint commission for Georgian-Ossetian conflict meet in Tbilisi
28. JCC meeting in Tbilisi expected to be success
29. JCC fails to coordinate final statement, plans further effort for Wednesday
30. Gazprom chief meets S. Ossetian Leader
31. Does Tbilisi plan to kill Sanakoyev and wage a war?
32. Information by Regnum to be competence of Moscow court psychiatry
33. Chairman of CEC to visit regions of Georgia within framework of door-to-door program
34. Chairman of CEC calls on population to cooperate with special groups while checking election register
35. Kukava appeals to government to hold elections in constitutional term
36. Kakha Kukava launched collection of signatures
37. Burjanadze evaluates collection of signatures by opposition as admissible
38. No compromise over elections date
39. Opposition proposes constitutional amendment
40. Opposition calls for dialogue on early polls
41. Awaiting a new revolution
42. Students rally in Batumi
43. Thousands protest in Batumi
44. Thousands gather for anti-government rally in Batumi
45. United opposition seeks for supporters in Adjara, Guria
46. 100 000 protestors on November 2, opposition say
47. Opposition demands early parliamentary vote
48. The opposition presents its demands to the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus
49. CoE and EU to assist South Caucasus countries in holding free and fair elections
50. NGOs established “Council Of Solidarity” in support of public movement
51. NGO probes into government’s expenditures
52. NGO opens regional branch in Zugdidi
53. Opposition youth protesters imprisoned "illegally"
54. Youth movement organized theatrical rally at office of “United National Movement”
55. Hearing of case of Writers’ Union postponed till November 15
56. The pen’s might is tested as writers contest eviction
57. Parliament to discuss initiative of “Rightists” about improvement of demographic situation with first hearing
58. Activists jailed illegally
59. Ombudsman meets with detainees
60. Sozar Subari negatively estimated detention of members of youth movement
61. Rati Samkurashvili offers opposition velvet receipt of government changing
62. Government rejects proposal to fight demographic ‘crisis’
63. MPs discuss ‘birth rate boost scheme’
64. Amendments to state budget 2007 to be discussed at finance and budget committee
65. Katsitadze calls for government to allocate 1 million from state budget 2007
66. Jojua condemns outdated style of conversation of ruling majority
67. 45 percent of Georgia support idea of constitutional monarchy, survey suggests
68. Vacheishvili to inspect rehabilitation works conducted on historical monuments in Kvemo Kartli
69. Kutaisi Mayor: “Do write whatever you wish, but write only the truth”
70. Controversial TV network boss replaced by advertising exec
71. Violations revealed in TSU regional branch
72. Former Russian military base in Georgia to be sold at auction
73. Six companies shortlisted for Tbilisi water
74. Spain's FCC says Aqualia unit has lodged best offer for Georgia water co
75. Construction work under Baku-Tbilisi-Kars to commence in November
76. Contractor for Georgian branch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway to be chosen October 29
77. National Bank dismisses claims it will be dismantled
78. According to data of NBG, dynamic growth continues in bank sector
79. Caucasus Online to make IPO in London, Georgia in 2008
80. First 100mln tons consignment of Azeri light oil produced in Azerbaijan
81. Georgian citizens seek their well-being outside the country
82. Nino Burjanadze delivered presents to Dighomi orphanage
83. WV Georgia opens first kindergarten class integrating children with disabilities
84. BAM announces 2008 spring season [excerpt]

full digest: Georgia News Digest - Ansicht in Groups BetaNeu!

Jonathan Kulick, Ph.D., Director of Studies, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 3a Chitadze, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia (Republic),, office: +995 32 47 35 55, mobile: +995 95 33 33 40, USA voicemail: 310.928.6814