Thursday, April 09, 2020

KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO: Beautiful Minds - by Dutch Photographer Maurice Wolf (living in Tbilisi)

Beautiful Minds (

These pictures are part of a 3-year journey together with journalist Robin Forestier-Walker. It initially started by coincidence with just a few pictures at a private home in Tbilisi where mentally impaired people were taking care of after harsh ordeals in mental institutions in the country of Georgia. After a publication of these pictures people approached me and asked me to pursue the matter. So I did.

Mental health in Georgia is a subject shrouded in taboo where parents and family members suffer as much as the children because of lack of awareness and education on the matter. We've visited institutions where basic needs and help, let alone therapy, are basically not present. We've been to places where people with hardly any means tried their best to give the weakest a little comfort and respect. Our aim is to raise awareness and put some facts on the table without pointing fingers.

Maurice Wolf

Maurice Wolf studied communication sciences in Nijmegen, Netherlands before becoming an assistant photographer in Amsterdam. He has freelanced for numerous international publications working out of Amsterdam, Berlin, and later traveling across the US and Australia before moving to Tbilisi in 2015. He is represented by Dutch photo agency Hollandse Hoogte and SOPA Images in Hong Kong. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Carson City, Nevada and Tbilisi. He is currently finishing the project "Beautiful Minds" together with journalist Robin Forestier-Walker on people with mental problems and mental delays in Georgia. Book and exhibitions in Georgia, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands are scheduled for the end of 2020, beginning of 2021. At the moment he's finishing a book of 4 years in Georgia and Abkhazia. A project on IDP's in Georgia is still ongoing and presumably finished in 2021

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