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GEORGIAN FOOD: Recipes by Region Europe - Anatolia & Caucasus. via Clovegarden - an International Food Site

Welcome to Clovegarden, our ever-evolving non-commercial food site. We feature information about thousands of ingrediens used around the world, cooking methods, kitchen equipment and worldwide recipes. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful, or at least entertaining. 

Our recipes reflect Euro/American practice of relatively few dishes served as separate courses. We expect most English language readers will adapt ethnic recipes to this style of service so we portion them appropriately.

Europe - Anatolia & Caucasus

   -   [Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan]

Despite severe political and religious differences, the cuisines of Turkey and Armenia are nearly identical and interchangeable - except, during the Soviet period Armenians enthusiastically added pig (not acceptable in Muslim Turkey or Azerbaijan) and some Russian recipes to their menu. My Azerbaijani cookbook emphasizes the similarity of their cuisine to those of their neighbors, particularly Turkey, but does not admit existance of any such thing as Armenia. I have a recent Turkish cookbook that has a map showing their neighbors to the east as Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iraq - Armenia seems to have disappeared again. Armenia would like to erase Turkey, but just isn't big enough, even if you count Glendale, "The Western Capital of Armenia". Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war since World War I. It appears Georgia is now three countries, Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. So sharp is this divide many Abkazians are turning to the old Abkhaz Pagan religion (which never quite died out) as a rejection of the "church of the opprssor". Ossetia, on the other hand, has never been successfully Christianized or Islamized, and has an unbroken Pagan tradition going back thousands of years. Armenia also has a growing Pagan (Hetan) community, which blames Christianity for Armenia's long decline from being a regional power.



Appetizers & Salads




Side Dishes


Main Dishes


Basics & Ingredients

  • Ajika - Hot Pepper Sauce - (Georgia) an essential condiment, sauce, spread, and ingredient.[v3]
  • Cilantro Sauce - (Georgia) amazingly delicious, for meats, vegetables, salads.[v2]
  • Khmeli Suneli - (Georgia) a dry herb/spice mix essential to regional cuisine.[v1]
  • Lamb Stock - (Turkey) a basic stock for Turkish, Armenian and Near Eastern dishes.
  • Sour Plum Extract - (Turkey) a souring agent used in soups, dolma, etc.[v0]
  • Tkemali - Sour Plum Sauce - (Georgia) an essential condiment and ingredient of many uses.[v2]

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