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REISEN: Jugendbegegnung Georgien 'European Youth after Dictatorships'

Dear friends and colleagues,

we are currently looking for four participants (two male and two female) aged 18-25 and residing in Germany for the Youth Exchange 'European Youth after Dictatorships: Perspective from Today!' to be held in Georgia this automn. The planned dates are October 21-30. The project has been submitted to the Estonian National Agency for funding on 1st of June and a final answer will be given by the end of July. However, we are already looking for the group of participants !

Application deadline: June 30th 2011

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested!

Kind regards
Tiphaine Coulardeau


Youth Exchange European Youth after Dictatorship: Perspectives from Today!

October 21-30 2011

Venue : Kobuleti, Georgia

The youth exchange oeEuropean Youth after Dictatorship: Perspectives from Today will deal with historical heritage of authoritarian regimes in the perception of young people. The participants will reflect on the influence of their countries past on today´s life and if authoritarian thinking and structures are still determining nowadays daily and political realities. In the frame of the youth exchange its participants will debate and exchange impressions and ideas from countries with a authoritarian nationalistic, socialistic and fascistic past and elaborate on means to overcome the heritage of the past.

Therefore, a variety of non-formal educational tools such workshops, social theatre, and young people led workshops, feedback and evaluation sessions, cultural evenings organised by the participants, and local excursions will be integral parts of the project. A central element of the youth exchange is a visit to the European Union Monitoring Visit to Georgia during which the participants can see the impact of the past on today´s reality in Georgia. The project will gather 32 young people from eight countries in Kobuleti, Georgia.


- To encourage young people to reflect on the heritage of authoritarian regimes in Europe

- To share and discuss past and current historical developments in Europe

- To empower and motivate young people to take an active role in shaping Europe´s future

- To elaborate creative means of reconciliation and a peaceful living together of formerly opposing communities


Dealing with the Past

European History

Conflicts in Europe, particularly of the involved promoters´ countries

Role of youth in democratisation processes


4 participants per organisation plus one group leader each / a total of 32 participants from 8 countries

Spain, Germany, Estonia, Hungary and Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia


As the project seeks funding by the Youth in Action Programme accommodation and food will be provided by the organizers. Travel costs to the venue and back will be covered 70%. The visa costs for entering Georgia will be covered 100%. Participation Fees: 16 EUR.


We are looking only for the participants representing Germany. Conditions: full residence in Germany, age 18-25, basic level of English, interest in the topic. Please send a CV in English to

mentionning the title of the project you apply for. Deadline for application: June 30th 2011

The project is at the phase of funding process and will take place only upon a positive answer of the European Commission for funding.

European Intercultural Forum e.V.
Address Prenzlauer Allee 176, 10409 Berlin - Germany

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