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( Video directed By Makho Akhobadze

"KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO" will be opened 5th of May. Within the framework of "KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO" week, along with Kolga Award exhibition, the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi will host various international and local exhibitions featuring both historically significant images and photographic works depicting various positions in contemporary photography. For “KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2017” visitors will have a chance to get familiar with the works of the world-renowned photographic artists and view the various international photo exhibitions. 

Under the framework of "KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO" will host workshops, seminars, discussions and portfolio reviews to underline our philosophy to support the further promotion of art of photography as one of the new media forms among Georgians and to advance them in their development.

Within the framework of the KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO, the biggest and the most prestigious photo contest in Georgia will be held. The jury members will pick out the best photo projects and reveal the winners in each category. The main goal of the AWARD is to link international photography to Georgia and to local photography. Announcement of the Photo Award worldwide – in Europe as well as in the USA – intends to foster its international position.This year’s... Read More

Catalouges are here >> Tbilisi Photo

Call for submissions!!!

We invite you to submit your works for Kolga Award 2017. This year’s categories include:

1. Documentary Series
2. Reportage
3. Conceptual Photo Project
4. Best Shot
5. Mobile Photo

The KOLGA AWARD prize fund will be 6 000 USD for fist four categories. As for the Mobile Photo category (with sub-nominations: one shot and photo series) the winners will get a special prize: HUAWEI P10, Co-Engineered With Leica.
This year too the KOLGA AWARD announces Kolga Newcomer Photo Award, which will be conferred on a young photographer (under the age of 25), whose photo series will be chosen from the following nominations: Documentary series, Reportage and Conceptual photo project. The € 500 will be granted to the winner of the nomination.

Visit our site to submit your works:


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