Saturday, October 07, 2017

VIDEO: Trio Devlira, Chechen music from Pankisi.

Trio Devlira: Mariam and Markha from Pankisi and Yannick from France.

The Chechen and Tush moods of DEVLIRA are women's love songs for men, men for women, songs of mountain and animals, songs of Sufi trance.

The Chechen repertoire is a happy mix of oriental music, walks of the bards of the Caucasus, from the Slavic melancholy to the rhythm of the Mongolian rides!

The Tush repertoire come from this small isolated area of Georgia, in the heart of the great Caucasus, between Chechnya and Daghestan.

Mariam Machalikashvili: singing, Balalaïka
Malka Machalikashvili: singing, Garmon, Balalaïka
Yannick Loyer: singing, tambour

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