Monday, August 24, 2020

VIDEO: Georgian gastronomy - Kakheti | ქართული გასტრონომია - კახეთი

The USAID/Georgia Economic Security Program, in partnership with The Gastronomic Association of Georgia, started a new project “Discover Georgian Gastronomy”. Within the project mini-movie series will be produced on Georgian Regional Gastronomy & Destinations. The main idea of the project is to shine a spotlight on 6 different regions of Georgia with its unique gastronomic traditions - it’s all about exploration and discovery of the hidden gastronomy gems of the country.

The video series is meant to become vehicles to paint the country of Georgia as a beautiful and accessible destination on the frontier of food and dining in the webspace and different online platforms and to promote its rich gastronomic heritage. A destination is highlighted through Georgian famous influencer Chefs discovering a region’s full culinary ecosystem from terroir, produce and cuisine to artisanal producers, bazaars, local experts, home cooks, and colorful Georgian feast traditions.

Project authors/ Screenplay: Gastronomic Association of Georgia
Creative/ Art directions/ Food styling: Gastronaut

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