Saturday, August 15, 2020

BOOK: The Gold of Sakdrisi: Man's first gold mining enterprise (Veröffentlichungen aus dem Deutschen Bergbau-Museum Bochum) (Georgisch) Gebundene Ausgabe. Von Thomas Stöllner & Irina Gambashidze

This bilingual volume deals with the investigation and significance of the more than 5,000-year-old gold mine in Kachagiani Hill near Sakdrisi, Georgian Republic, which was explored in 2004-13 and destroyed in 2014. It contains a foreword by the General Director of the Georgian National Museum, sixteen scientific contributions, a find catalogue, and a bibliography. The papers deal with the twelve years of the Georgian-German Sakdrisi-Expedition, the Caucasus as ore mountains, the geology of the ore-deposits at Sakdrisi, the mine and its excavation, the structural and archaeological evidence from the mine, an experimental approach to the mining of hard-rock deposits, the mining tools from Sakdrisi, the accommodation of miners on Dzedzvebi Plateau, the Kura-Araxes settlement in area II/III, the Kura-Araxes graves and a spectacular monument nearby, gold mining as a ritual activity in area II/III, the amount of mined gold and the mining methods, the chalcolithic ancestors from a settlement on the southern plateau, the features of the late 2nd and early 1st millennium B.C. as well as the futile campaign for the conservation of the gold mine.

Salz, Kupfer, Gold: Früher Bergbau im Kaukasus (vorher Gold in Georgien)

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