Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ART: Sun 27 Apr - Andrew Hunt in conversation with Andro Semeiko and Tom Morton - Andro Semeiko's current solo exhibition, 'Only Words Can Tell You How I Feel'

Dear friends,
Please come to Southend for my talk this Sunday. The weather is supposed to be good and we will have a barbecue. Best wishes,

Andrew Hunt in conversation with Andro Semeiko and Tom Morton

Sunday 27 April 2pm
Andrew Hunt will be in conversation with Andro Semeiko and Tom Morton on Sunday 27th April to discuss Andro Semeiko's current solo exhibition, 'Only Words Can Tell You How I Feel'. We will hear two presentations from Semeiko and Morton about their work which will then be followed by a discussion.

There will be an amazing chance to sign up for one-to-one crit sessions with Andro Semeiko, Tom Morton and Andrew Hunt. This opportunity is open to artists who attend the talk.

A limited edition artist book with works by Amy McKenny, Tom Morton and Andro Semeiko will also be launched on the day.

We are taking bookings for the talk and one-to-one sessions at info@t-a-p.org.uk.


Andro Semeiko - Only Words Can Tell You How I Feel

Monday 31 March to Sunday 27 April, Open Wed-Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat-Sun 11am - 5pm

‘Only Words Can Tell You How I Feel’ is the culmination of Andro Semeiko’s month long residency at TAP gallery and studios, selected by Andrew Hunt and Mike Nelson. The exhibition is a multi-layered exploration of a creative practitioner’s journey of thought, occupying five exhibition spaces at TAP with the seven-meter high winch room at its heart. The project delves into the past and present of TAP and its surrounding area, conflating fact and fiction, to produce rich and compelling narratives.

Semeiko worked closely with the TAP team and studio artists to generate a site responsive dramatisation of a creative journey. He has made a series of small portraits based on 18th and 19th century British portraits of writers, artists and magicians, relating them to creative practitioners at TAP studios. He interviewed the practitioners and solicited artist Amy McKenny to write a text from TAP’s collective voice based on the recordings. Semeiko used three of TAP’s gallery spaces for empirical research into three days of his own studio practice exploring gestures from J.M.W. Turner’s work, informed by his previous investigation into the ‘emotion-laden mark’ with cognitive psychologist Dr Lawrence Tailor. This concluded with a Dionysian feast in the main gallery space. While in the winch room a structure of a well has been recreated. Writer Tom Morton wrote an audio piece for it chronicling a journey of creative thought, using as a reference point a spirit living at the bottom of a well in Ray Bradbury’s ‘The One Who Waits’. 

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