Tuesday, April 08, 2014

NETWORK: Tbilisi Architecture Network (tbilisiarchitecture.net)

(tbilisiarchitecture.net) This is an open network for architects, art and architectural historians, urban and landscape planers, designers, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, artists and journalists, individuals and organizations, professionals and other Tbilisi lovers. It is here to explore, evaluate and influence the development of architecture in Tbilisi and Georgia. The Network aims to provoke discussion, to publicize architectural critics, to encourage the preservation of our architectural heritage, to evaluate strategies to influence the development of our urban and natural environment. The current website was launched by ArchForumTbilisi, designed and programmed in Zürich, Switzerland.

The website is bilingual – Georgian and English and is divided into two parts: TbilisiView and C.A.S.E. STUDIES 1.TbilisiView is dedicated mainly to preservation of urban and architectural heritage.

It contains four sections, each with a corresponding icon on the Tbilisi map: Hotspots – highlights current unsolved problems and projects dealing with cultural heritage, historic fabric, listed buildings etc.
We Like – shows good projects of restoration, adaptation, conservation and new development that respects the existing built environment.
Red List – flags significant historic urban areas, landscapes and buildings at risk that should be saved. Lost – documents cultural heritage that is neglected and left to ruin; that has already been demolished or is now irrevocably damaged.
We invite professionals to share their photos and stories of the city architecture; to join our network and help it evolve.

2. C.A.S.E. STUDIES is an online magazine dedicated to:
A.- architecture,
S.- society
E.- environment
None are exclusive to Tbilisi or Georgia.

We welcome submissions for publication from architects of recent projects in Tbilisi and Georgia, architectural critics, news from architecture and all connected issues. Authors, photographers, translators and members of this network who contribute will be listed here. Their names are linked to related articles on this website. Occasionally images may appear uncredited. If you see your image, please contact us – info@tbilisiarchitecture.net

Tbilisi Forum for Architecture
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Network are here: tbilisiarchitecture.net/network with:
Nino Tchatchkhiani, Maia Mania, Rusudan Margishvili, Elisso Sulakauri, Thomas Krayer, Tsira Elisashvili, Ketevan Khimshiashvili, Nino Gabunia

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