Sunday, January 10, 2016

FUTURE PROJECTS: Gudiashvili Square (

( Gudiashvili Square and its neighboring streets are the only place in Tbilisi, where is completely maintained Old Tbilisi appearance. This place is especially important because Old Tbilisian urban development style is not destroyed.

Because of its architecture Gudiashvili square is one of the cozy and comfortable places in the city. Around square there are 11 buildings, from which 9 has historical monument status. 

In the past, Tbilisi Development Funds previous management was criticized from local population and Non-Government Organizations. One of the most active NGO in this field is “Tbilisis Hamkari” which was permanently opposed Funds activates during years. Several protest rallies organized by “Tbilisis Hamkari” resisted previous Fund management to destroy Gudiashvili square Old historical appearance.

Gudiashvili square for Fund became important after Fund management shift. Rehabilitation and reconstruction become top priority and today with close cooperation with “Tbilisi Hamkari” square development planning process is in active phase, in planning process are engaged professional architects and specialists in the field.

Fund is organizing public discussions on Gudiashvili square issue, which are transparent and all interested parties can participate. In Tbilisi Assembly is created commission which is working on Gudiashvili square future development concept. The commission is led by assembly deputy Aleksandre Elisashvili.

After several meetings, participates decided to create plan of Gudiashvili Square and its surrounding area conservation concept. In nearest future it is planned to announce competition on conservation concept creation, afterwards it is planned to announce competition on conservation project.

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