Friday, April 07, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY: Very cool photo series presented on Tamara Natenadze Photo Blog. By Timothy M. Bowser

This is an interesting look but one that I cannot say I've shared in. I've spent over three years living among Adjarians and spending much time in the highlands and villages of Xulo. There is a dark dignity to the photos presented here, and the people do have this dignity but I do not feel that there is the darkness illustrated here. I do not imply darkness as a mood or feeling, only the lens through which the photographer chose to portray her subjects. I have always found the highlanders to be amazingly open and joyous. I've spent a few Shuamtoba festivals at Beshumi and Goderdzi. They are riots of color, wrestling, horse racing, dance, and song. Marriages are conducted before the community and drunken fights are pretty common. The days leading up to the festivals were filled with merriment and obscene amounts of drinking. I've partook. Remember these are Muslim populations. The idea/s that we know anything about the Muslim world in Adjara is correct in the photographer/author's opening assessment. We do not know much about it. What we think we know about the populations of Adjara are most likely mistaken and wrought with unwarranted prejudices. One thing mentioned in the article and I find a truism is that the households would fall apart without the women managing them and they are present at the supras but are only periphery participants. Very cool photo series presented on Tako's blog. I found the smaller village Shuamtoba festival very interesting.

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