Thursday, June 15, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY: Interview with in Georgia-based freelance photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz (@lensculture)

( Keep Working, No Matter What: Learning about Life Through Visual Storytelling

For this photographer, 15 years of doggedly pursuing personal projects resulted in one of photography’s most esteemed awards. Discover the tenacity it takes to produce meaningful work.

For 15 years, Polish-born, Georgia-based freelance photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz has been committed to discovering stories and sharing them with others using her camera. Dedicated and passionate (she would even say stubborn), Mielnikiewicz has stuck through the inevitable highs and lows of independent work to produce personal projects she is truly proud of. Her commitment to narrative photography was recognized in 2016 when she was awarded the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Fund grant in humanistic photography, which came with $30,000 to support new work.

Next month, she will be hosting a workshop in Georgia in collaboration with Tbilisi Photo Festival (more info below). In advance of her workshop, LensCulture managing editor Alexander Strecker exchanged emails with Mielnikiewicz to learn more about her dogged pursuit of visual storytelling that has taken her far from her roots in Poland—
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Photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz

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Justyna Mielnikiewicz discusses her journey from a village in Poland to Tbilisi, and her unique path to becoming a successful international photographer.

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