Saturday, July 29, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY: Georgia. "Life Impressions". By Pierre Gély-Fort

via E O R G I A "Life Impressions". By Pierre Gély-Fort

For many years I’ve been fascinated by Stares of all these people I come across during my urban vagabonding. I feel this irresistible, if not compulsive need to capture their look, sometimes even while walking with my eye screwed in the viewfinder....

All these Stares come to me, whether they are intended for me or not, I see only them in my wanderings. They are furtive moments which I freeze obstinately, whatever the space of time, of place.

First of all, I try to express the emotion felt through the strength of each image and the visual & sensory consistency between shots .

My purpose is more to transmit a dynamic, a feeling generated by my subjects, than to tell a story or make a journalistic report .

To this end, my role as a street photographer in Georgia and everywhere switches from “self-effacement” (to stick closer to humans) to “irruption” (to create a surprise in the photo). This alternating allows me to keep a distance while capturing the intimacy of beings.

The profound respect that I have for my subjects, takes over their condition. Without ignoring the political, economic and social realities they are facing, I consider them first of all as unique human beings and worthy of attention. This is how I can capture and restore track of emotion sprung at our meeting.

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