Thursday, October 09, 2008

MUSIC: Electronics by Koka Nikoladze

Soon in Leipzig (OFF EUROPA 208)

Mival Guriashi

Koka Nikoladze was born in 1989, Tbilisi, Georgia. His mother is a piano teacher so, he listened to classical music since his early childhood. Then he fell in love with Jazz and started making modern compositions. When he was eleven, he started creating songs. After two years he attended Courtny Pine's concert and got absolutely influanced by instrumental jazz. He kept making music and created a lot of and compositions. Since 2003 He started making electronical music at his home studio. Koka plays violin since he got seven years old and has performed at many concerts, competitions, festivals and TV/Radio Shows in Georgia Russia America and Switzerland. His secondary instruments are - Acc. guitar,Turntables and some Georgian folk instruments. Currently Koka studys in Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Violin).


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