Thursday, October 16, 2008

OFF EUROPA: Sebastian Kaiser - Balaklava Odyssey

Sebastian Kaiser was the Project Director of the film about the realization of a Media Art And Performance Festival in Balaklava (Crimea). He published about that a documentary "BALAKLAVA ODYSSEY".

The media art and performance festival Balaklava-Odyssey took place for the first time in August 2006. Balaklava, the site of the event, is situated in Crimea (Ukraine) and has been a European cultural site for over 2500 years.

Artists from nine countries – Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Great Britain - were invited to this pilot project. They staged art works in the areas of video, animation, multi-media, performance, experimental music and dance that dealt with the multitude of historical references in Balaklava.

This site, already mentioned by Homer in his Odyssey, is also the location of the myth of Tantalids and the famous play Iphigenia in Taurus (by Euripides, Goethe). On Khrushchev`s orders, in 1953, a submarine hangar was built inside the mountain of Taurus, that also served as a storage facility for nuclear weapons. Until 1995, Balaklava was hermetically sealed off.

Now, the aim of the Balaklava-Odyssey is to culturally revive this site. The festival took place in the submarine hangar that today is used as a museum. It is meant to be the base for future cooperation in Balaklava.

At the moment five short films that document the festival as well as a catalogue of the festival are developed in Sevastopol. These materials will be presented during presentational events in the "Tesla" (Berlin), at the Media Art Association (Medienkunstverein, Dortmund) and in the Riff in the New Theatre in Halle (Neues Theater Halle) in 2007.

If you are interested in the DVD please write an E-Mail to

This Film was a a very interesting part of our festival ... yesterday we had showing this documentary in the ditorei Galerie in Leipzig ...

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