Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CALL: Caucasus: Three Countries one story

Dear youth around Caucasus, are you interested in multicultural approaches? Do you want to become a part of broader Caucasian network? Are you using new media in your everyday life? Do you think that we are more similar than different? Then this project is yours!!! 

University of Georgia, Iris Group, managing diversity and Mitost association invites you to take part in exchange project that takes part in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

In General project consists of 4 main parts: 

Trainings: Armenians and Azerbaijanis will attend 5 day trainings together with Georgian youth in Georgia. 
Topic: art as a tool for communication and cooperation. Trainings will include activities such as Simulation games, forum theatre, outdoor activities, interviews and discussions with guest speakers. During the trainings participants will choose the topic, or topics for the short video clip, video story, which they should prepare together, make one story including stories from all three countries, presenting in one art work. 
Exchange: After trainings in Georgia participants continue to work on the topic Armenia and Azerbaijan. On this stage Georgian participants will visit Armenia and Azerbaijan and continue working on the movie in those countries. 
E-work: Participants will cooperate via internet to finish their product 

Presentation: As a fourth phase of the project, participants will present their work to wider audience in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and all other countries via internet. 
Participant’s profiles: From: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia 
Age: 18-24 Be communicative and creative Motivated to be involved in intercultural dialogue in Caucasus Be able to plan interviews Be able to communicate in English Be ready for challenging tasks Project Organizer 

Iris Group: Managing Diversity: Iris Group was founded in Tbilisi in 2010 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Iris Group promotes management of diversity in the Caucasus region. Its associates offer international expertise in providing project management services and conducting education programs. 
Mitost Association: Mitost Association Was founded in 1996 by alumni of the foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung. MitOst is an international non-profit and non-governmental association registered in Germany. More than 1200 members in almost 40 countries realize projects in their home communities and across borders. Programs in cultural exchange and active citizenship education are coordinated from its headquarters in Berlin. MitOst works in cooperation with institutional partners in various countries. 
University of Georgia: The mission of the University of Georgia is to educate professionals who will be equipped with modern practical, theoretical and methodological knowledge and will contribute to the transformation of the outdated, unlawful and non-democratic society into a modern democratic, developed community with a high level of civil consciousness, a rule of law and ethical standards. Travel related issues: Travel expenses from Azerbaijan and Armenia to Tbilisi, as well as from Tbilisi to Azerbaijan and Armenia will be reimbursed. Participants should provide organizers with original receipts/tickets, indicating date and time of the trip. 
Meals: All meals are provided during the first training in, on the second stage during exchange participants are responsible for their expenses. 
Accomodation: Participants will live in hostel; (dorms) the costs related to accommodation in hostel will be covered by organizers. There is no Participation fee!!! 
Choosing participants: All interested candidates should fill in the application form Semifinalists will be interviewed 

All participants will be notified until the mid February 

Timeline: February 1: Deadline of the application 
First half of February: Semifinalist interviews 
Second half of the February: Trainings in Tbilisi, Georgia 
March: meetings in Armenia and Azerbaijan 
March: E-working on the video 
April: Presentation 

For more information please contact us by e-mail or by phone: 
+9955593197219 GE 

Download application: hier >>>


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