Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LOOKING FOR FUND: MARIA AND THE OCEANS by Natalie beridze/tba and Uta Bekaia

Leipzig, 2004: Wee invited Tusia Beridze and Nika Machaidze to Germany for playing their music and sounds during our festival OFF EUROPA (bfot.de). It was amazing! It was for me the first real contact with Tusia and Nikakoi. Later I followed their artwork. There was some concerts in Germany too ... together with Gudrun Guth (www.m-enterprise.de) for example... And some years ago I could meet the people for our small film for the German TV (MDR) in Tbilisi again. (VIDEO: youtube.com

Now I will support the new project by Natalie Beridze and Uta Bekaia. AND otherwise I recommend in facebook, twitter and in other virtual places all my friends and people to do the same for this good artists - to getting find funds!! Also a small FUND can help to realize the PROJECT: MARIA AND THE OCEANS by Natalie beridze/tba and Uta Bekaia - A Music project in New York, NY by Paata U. Bekaia 

 "Maria and the oceans" is a music album, of 13 songs, produced by electronic music producer, composer and singer Natalie Beridze/TBA and a multimedia artist and costume designer Uta Bekaia. 
This project is a long-distance collaboration between New York and Tbilisi, Georgia, which was basically created via internet. Natalie produced music and prepared the arrangement in her studio and later sent it to Uta, to NY. they worked on lyrics separately and combined them like a patchwork afterwords. in the end Uta recorded vocals and sent them back to Natalie in Tbilisi for mixing. 
"Maria and the oceans" is a multimedia project, consisting of music, music videos (director Nika Machaidze) and costumes (by Uta Bekaia), which are going to be created and used exclusively for videos, cover artwork and future live performances. 
The album is ready in terms of music. we need funds for shooting TWO VIDEOS, that will come along with the album. 
We've chosen a visionary Georgian director and musician Nika Machaidze (nikakoi), who we've worked with many times before. We're very much hoping to receive support.

Source: kickstarters.com

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