Monday, May 18, 2020

GEORGIAN ART: Avto Meskhi: Private Acquaintance / ავთო მესხი: პირადად ცნობილი - in ProjectArtBeat 2018 - curated by Natia Bukia.

Project ArtBeat in Tbilisi presented personal exhibition of Avto Meskhi. The exposition includes mixed media works: collages, paintings and drawings made during 1984-2015. Curated by Natia Bukia.

Avto Meskhi, due to his introvert personality and moreover his tragic life is a lesser-known painter in Georgia and abroad. Accordingly, Private Acquaintance, his solo exhibition held at the gallery exactly a year ago is a very important event for the Georgian art scene. The artist was born in Tbilisi, 1946 and lived and worked in Tbilisi and Rustavi. When Project ArtBeat discovered Meskhi he was 70 years old, he already had lost his home, where he lived with his mother and was spending last years ...

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