Thursday, May 15, 2014

Georgian Singer: Sophie Villy - Dress (2014) Album Sampler

A selection from the second album "Dress" by Sophie Villy.
Out on May 27, 2014. Available from itunes and spotify.

3.I Told You
5.They Worry
6.Man In The Mist
7.Quiet Again
8.Drift Around
10.His Grandma
11.Need To Share

Music and Lyrics by Sophie Villy.

Sophie Villy - Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Organ
Dima Zinchenko - Drums, Percussion, Organ
Levan Mikaberidze - Bass
Stas Kononov - Guitar
Zura Dzagnidze - Guitar
Elene Jimshitashvili - Cello
Strings - Just Quartet (GE)
George Gabrielashvili - Trumpet

Recorded and mixed by George Gvarjaladze "Gvaji" at Georgian Film Studios in Tbilisi.
Mastered by Ron Boustead @ Resolutionmastering, Los Angeles, CA.
Produced by Sophie Villy and Gvaji.
Artwork photo by Sergey Sarakhanov.
Design by Vaniko Katamashvili.

More Info on release date.

All Rights Reserved.
2014 Sophie Villy


NEW ALBUM "DRESS" COMING OUT IN MAY 2014!!! Single "Position" now in heavy rotation on KCRW (US) and also featured on BBC2.

In her 23 Sophie Villy is well known for her unique performing style. Minimalistic arrangements, vintage guitar's distinctive twang and soulful timbre of voice open up another deep world, full of grace and intelligence, nurtured in the bohemian quarters of Georgian culture. Artists were common visitors to Sophie's childhood home in Tbilisi, they undoubtedly left their mark. We hear, as a result, both the voices of modern neighbors and the echoes of twelfth-century poet Shota Rustaveli. Grounded in that multifaceted heritage, Sophie's debut album "Mother Fish" now takes a wide range of private stories to the outside world. The singer and her catalog are one and the same: wholly sincere and full of incisive observations.. You can feel a kind of 'eastern' power, even spirituality, within her work. At times it seems to adopt the illusionary forms of mirage: if you can see or hear Sophie - even once - you'll be unable to forget her.
Sophie Villy's new single "Position" is one of her most acclaimed songs, released after her first US tour (2012). "Position" is louder than any demonstrations and revolutionary speech.

Sophie whispers to all the people to be strong and wiser, to stay away from all the dirty political games, stay free inside of your heart. Sophie Villy is an author of soundtracks for French, Georgian, American and Ukrainian films.
"Her voice is transcending; it sounds worldly and magically. She has a unique, yet common spirit." Richard Galliano

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