Sunday, October 29, 2006

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Reports: 300 Russians protest against xenophobia in St. Petersburg
International Herald Tribune

... racially motivated attacks in Russia that target dark-skinned foreigners and immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. This year, 39 people have been killed in apparent hate crimes and a further 308 attacked, according to the Sova rights center ...

Russia goes on an ugly binge

... a fixed quota of places in the country's open-air produce markets-traditionally controlled by immigrants from the Caucasus-in order to "protect the interests of the native Russian population." That truculent rhetoric has not gone unnoticed.

So. Caucasus between Russian claims and Georgian pro-western policy
Groong Armenian News Network
The South Caucasus in between Russian claims and Georgian pro-western policy 28.10.2006 15:15 Armen Manvelyan "Radiolur" This week the constantly sharpening relations between Russia and
Georgia turned into a ...

History Continuously Rewritten in Azerbaijan
Groong Armenian News Network
... In 2003 Alexander and Rudolf Yaskorskies, emigrants from Hanler published a book; `Germans of Black sea and the Caucasus' (concerning the origin and life of the German ethnic group of Black Sea and the Caucasus)', where photographs and documents ...

Why Russia and China can not save Karimov?
If there was a one simple answer for the question, then that would be - "Uzbeks have not tasted one fruit "freedom" yet, like other Central Asian countries". From Caucasus to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan they all ...

Women and Children at Risk in the CIS
Wilson Quarterly
... Arlington, VA Dr. Fujimura will be presenting on the subject of child victimization in Russia and the Caucasus. While it is understood that certain factors are common to all nations that experience any degree of child victimization, differences ...

Armenian expert recommends to Georgia to pursue more balanced policy
Groong Armenian News Network
... If the process prolongs, Georgia will inevitably close its borders; then, Russia's connections with its own ally in Caucasus will be cut off.' `It is clear; analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze expressed both his own opinion and position of Georgia's ...

Turkey wants to gain a strong foothold in the Caucasus
Groong Armenian News Network
Agency WPS DEFENSE and SECURITY October 27, 2006 Friday TURKEY WANTS TO GAIN A STRONG FOOTHOLD IN THE CAUCASUS; The vice president of the parliamentary assembly of
NATO thinks that issue of the Gabalinskaya ...

RusAl re-launches foil plant in Armenia after $70 mln upgrade
Groong Armenian News Network
... its main sales markets would be Europe and the U.S. Armenal is the only aluminum foil production facility in the Caucasus and Central Asia and has already received enough orders to operate at full capacity. RusAl is considering the possibility of ...

Sweden interested in expanding relations with Armenia
Groong Armenian News Network

... henceforth his country will provide greater time and attention to its relations with the countries of the South Caucasus, including Armenia. As an impulse for further development of bilateral cooperation the parties mentioned RA president Robert ...

Armenian newspaper sees Iran as transport alternative to Georgia
Groong Armenian News Network
... from the further deepening of cooperation with Iran in the context of new developments in efforts to settle South Caucasus conflicts? Those developments obviously suggest that each of the "projects" being offered to
Armenia - the western and the ...

Caucasus-Poti to Work Also for Armenia
Groong Armenian News Network 18:56 26/10/06 CAUCASUS-POTI TO WORK ALSO FOR ARMENIA It is most likely that Caucausus-Poti ferry crossing will work also for Armenia in December, 2006 or January of the next year, Arsen Ghazaryan, ...

German coalition at odds over presidency priorities
... on the state of democracy and the rule of law in Russia and about the role Russia plays in Eastern
Europe and the Caucasus". The SPD states that: "Russia is a key factor of our energy supply, especially as concerns gas." Foreign minister Steinmeier ...

Russia to ask NATO about expansion plans
Free Republic
... Grushko particularly referred to Georgia, saying
NATO's decision to launch an "intensified dialogue" with the Caucasus nation that aspires to join the alliance in 2008 had been "interpreted by the Georgian authorities as an incentive to pursue a ...

Russian diplomat warns of 'new military-political situation'
Free Republic
... not to see a link there,' Grushko told Interfax. Russia has since cut diplomatic and transport ties to the Caucasus nation. A final sticking point Grushko said Russia would bring up in talks with de Hoop Scheffer was
NATO's failure to ratify the ...

EU rules out Georgia peacekeeping role

... of the EU." The
Finnish politician praised the "good offices" of the EU's informal diplomatic efforts in the South Caucasus and put weight on Georgia to "commit itself" to non-use of force. "If the parties there do not want a peaceful resolution, ...

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