Thursday, October 12, 2006

Phillipp H. Fluri and Eden Cole
(Vienna and Geneva, July 2005)
Security and Conflict NGOs. One of the most well-established NGOs in Georgia is the Georgian. Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) ...

Georgia After the ‘Rose Revolution’, Eden Cole & Philipp H. Fluri
Part I: Security, the Authoritarian Legacy, and Democracy
1 Democracy and Security: The Legal Framework ofSecurity Sector Governance in Georgia, Mindia Vashakmadze
2 Security Sector Governance in Georgia (I): Status, Antje Fritz
3 Security Sector Governance in Georgia (II): Achievements, Antje Fritz
Part II. International Presence and Foreign Influence
4 Problems of Post-Conflict Public Security Management in Georgia, Kornely Kakachia
5 Regional and International Organisations in Georgia, Heidemaria Gürer
6 Successes and Failures of International Observer Missions in Georgia, Axel Wohlgemuth
7 Foreign Forces in Georgia: Status, Legitimacy, Prospects, Mindia Vashakmadze
Part III. Civil Society, Media, Elites
8 Non Governmental Organisations, Domestic and International, and Security Sector Governance in Georgia, Duncan Hiscock
9 Power Elites in Georgia: Old and New, Zurab Chiaberashvili and Gigi Tevzadze
10 The Role of the Media in Georgia’s Transition to Democracy, Marina Kokashvili
Part IV. After Revolution--Toward Reform
11 The Georgian Security Sector: Initiatives and Activities, Shorena Lortkipanidze
12 Georgia: An Emerging Governance: Problems and Prospects, Dov Lynch
13 The Military Service Appeals System in Georgia, Irakli Seshiashvili
Georgia, the Black Sea and the Approaching West, Jan Arveds Trapans
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