Monday, October 30, 2006

HISTORY: The Extraordinary Journeys: The Silk Road

Silk Road- caravan trade roads' system, from China to Western Europe, can be considered as the one of the most important achievements in the history of the world civilization. Religious and philosophic ideas were spread through the Silk Road except the various goods.
The majesty of the Silk Road is not as much in its tremendous trade turn, as in mutual enrichment and merging of different civilizations and cultures.
In the XIX century the flow of French travelers to the one of the most important region of the Silk Road - Trans Caucasus , particularly in Georgia has raised. Georgia played the outpost role for the European civilization in the Eastern part of the continent and at the same time it cleared the way for the Europeans to China via Central Asia.
We offer you the virtual exhibition, which represents the heritage of three French travelers: Jacques Francois Gamba, Frederic Dubois de Montpereux and Paul Nadar. The purposes of their visit to Georgia and Trans Caucasus were different, therefore in their composition is variously examined the importance of the region in the field of the West and East mutual cultural enrichment.

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The History of Silk Road

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