Friday, October 20, 2006

Panorama is a monthly newspaper for the Caucasus, supported by IWPR. The first 16-page issue came out in March 2003 and it currently comes out twice a month.
The paper is the product of a unique collaboration. It is one newspaper but it is coming out in two languages, Georgian and Russian, and it has three co-editors, IWPR Georgia Coordinator Margarita Akhvlediani in Tbilisi (currently her role is being carried out by Shorena Ratiani in Tbilisi), Inal Khashig in Sukhum, Abkhazia and IWPR Caucasus Project Coordinator Tom de Waal in London.
While Panorama covers events across the whole of the Caucasus, its central focus is on Georgia and especially on Abkhazia, the breakaway region on the Black Sea. Since the Georgian-Abkhaz war ended in 1993, communication has been difficult between the two populations and they still have far too little information about each other. The newspaper now has an established readership on both sides of the conflict divide, with a circulation of around 3,500.
Most of the journalists working for Panorama are young Abkhaz and Georgians, who we hope will become the next generation writing professionals in their homelands. They are supported by training workshops, joint meetings and discussion clubs.

Panorama is available in pdf, in Russian and Georgian languages
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