Sunday, April 06, 2008

MUSIC: Inga Arshakyan & Anush Arshakyan

"They are gold and diamond from beginning to end, a supreme work, their song is like honey, their every breath and movement is a divine conduct." So says Petros Alahaydoyan, an American-Armenian arts specialist in admiration for singers and sisters Anush and Inga Arshakyans. The art critic is not the only one who has been smitten by the sisters’ talent. Their performances are typically met with thunderous applause from fans who show their appreciation through gifts and praise. The young women modestly receive the accolades for their talent at bringing the pure music of Komitas and Armenian melancholic psalms to a new generation. The deep, gentle sounds of the sisters are an embrace of melody, from two voices united by a common blood. They started singing when they were children, but also became proficient in violin and piano. "We loved singing, and each time working in the kitchen we would make up and harmonize improvisations and fall into oblivion. Then we’d become aware that our mother was calling us, and we would continue washing the plates," says Anush. It never even occurred to them that something that turned housework into pleasure and then to the admiration of family gatherings, would finally put them on the public stage and gain the approval of professional musicians. "I was glad and astonished when in this age of bad taste everywhere, I heard Anush’s and Inga’s performance. They sing Komitas so delicately and correctly and when singing psalms they looked like real saints," says composer Eduard Mirzoyan.

By Gayane Abrahamyan


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