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Exhibition: Kristi Kipshidze as Frida Kahlo – Georgian Exhibition in St. Petersburg. Photography by Irma Sharikadze (

( Contemporary Art Museum “Erarta” in St. Petersburg is hosting an exhibition by well-known Georgian photographer and artist Irma Sharikadze titled “Letters”. The exhibition has been seeing visitors in great numbers. Sharikadze told website that the event had been opened on April 4th by Museum Director Mikhail Ovchinnikov. The exhibition hall of the museum was full of portraits surrounded by words and lines. To create mystifying atmosphere Irma worked for two years with the help of model Kristi Kipshidze.

The “Vesti” news program of Russian Television covered the exhibition in a news piece.

The project consists of several parts: 18 photo works of a different format, the text of the correspondence of well-known Mexican artist Frida Khalo with the twin sister Maritsa, video "Frida's Dream, and the installation "Frida and Maritsa".
The publication of correspondence of Frida Khalo and her twin sister Maritsa will be presented for the first time in Petersburg at Erarta museum. The text of correspondence of Frida with her alter ego was exclusively created by the Georgian writer Maka Goguadze for the project and presented in a hand-written look under the photoworks.
Irma Sharikadze about her  photoproject: "Trying to sum up the last 10 years of own career — these are years of my formation as artist - the image of Frida Kahlo as a topic for a future project attracted me.
Frida's so invisible eye artily processes the experience of fight against painful dualism of the attitude and overcoming in herself, her human nostalgia and finally a willingness to cock in the holy martyrs".
The project was successfully held at GMG Gallery in Moscow in 2010. Pictures of the project "Letter" are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
In the role of Frida Kahlo and Maritza - Christi Kipshidze.
The enamel by Sophia Gongliashvili
The idea and the organization of the project - Elena Sementsova.
Opening: On April 4, at 19.00
Entrance fee is 150 rubles.

Address: Vasilyevsky island, 29th Liniya, Erarta Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art

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