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DOCUMENTARY: English Teacher. By Vano Arsenishvili, Nino Orjonikidze (

( Young, adventurous “English teacher” is assigned to carry out a “linguistic revolution” in the remote Georgian village. Basically looking for new adventures a young teacher finds himself on the frontier of the big political change in the country. In order to get rid of the Soviet legacy and engage the western world, government initiates a project to “invade” Georgia with English speakers. Excited traveler is determined to contribute to a “radical changes” in a small post soviet country. But when the first wave of excitement disappears, he is confronted with the gloomy reality... There are no signs of revolutionary changes, and no readiness or desire to change at all.

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23.09 in Geneva the film will be presented by the film directors Vano Arsenishvili and Nino Orjonikidze in Geneva

The film directors will take part in the round-table meeting on 25.09 dedicated to the documentary films in Geneva

23.09.13 / 21.00 and 28.09.13 / 17.00
Maison des arts du Grütli
Fonction: Cinéma Theatre

(Tickets for this screening will be available only at the festival box office)

Georgia | 2012 | 56'

original language - English, Georgian
subtitles - English, French

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