Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEW WEBSITE: BATSAV and the batsbi ans other unknown caucasian peoples (

Alexander J. T. Bainbridge wrote in the last times his own blog. Some knows his blog: Now you have note that A.J.T. Bainbridge will slowly transferring his blog to his new home at

This new (December 2009) website initially started as a blog called "Transcaucasus", which was hosted on (at

I had been thinking of creating a dedicated website for my Caucasus-related "findings" (i.e. ramblings) ever since I first landed on Blogger, but for the usual reasons I never actually created such a website, and the blog just got longer and longer and longer and longer and longer... and more and more contorted and unreadable and chaotic... and then one day (summer 2009) I started noticing that images which I uploaded to my blog-posts started disappearing. This phenomenon - which Blogger i.e. Google seem to be ignoring - just got worse, and when some tables disappeared the day after I first uploaded them, I decided that I had had enough, and began to create this website.

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