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PROGRAMM: Getting Involved! Strengthening Civic Engagement among Young People (

Getting Involved! is pleased to invite young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to apply for participation in the program.
Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg launched Getting Involved! in February 2009 to strengthen civic engagement among young people in the South Caucasus. Participants learn how to shape their immediate surroundings by combining good ideas with the right tools. Working together, they carry out volunteer projects both in their home com-munities and in cross-border settings. In this way, they become familiar with new forms of collaboration and enhance their project management skills.

Who may apply for the program?

You may apply to participate in Getting Involved! if you:
> Are between the ages of 18-22;
> Live in Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia;
> Have knowledge of English (advanced written and oral);
> Are dedicated to the development of your community;
> Are interested in meeting and working with like-minded people from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

What does the program offer?
Selected participants will attend a series of three seminars, starting with a 8-day Project Development Seminar in March 2010.
During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to write a project concept for their own voluntary project ideas or work or for the ideas of other participants to develop cross-border projects. The best projects will be funded by Get-ting Involved! During the course of project implementation, participants will attend a five-day Project Management Seminar in May 2010 and five-day Evaluation

Seminar in December 2010.

Where will the seminars take place?
All three seminars will take place in Georgia.

Who will cover the costs?
Board and lodging will be provided by the training organizers. Travel costs will be reimbursed upon submission of a copy of the travel ticket.

When are the deadlines?
The deadline for the application is February 19, 2010. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted in the beginning of March to verify English language ability. Decisions will be an-nounced on March 8, 2010. What is the schedule of the program?

The program schedule is as follows:
> Seminar 1 " Project Development " March 20-27, 2010;
> Seminar 2 " Project Management " May 7-11, 2010;
> Seminar 3 " Project Evaluation " December 3-7, 2010;
> Implementation of a voluntary project during the year.

Attendance in all three seminars is mandatory for completion of the program.

How can I apply for the participation in the program?

To apply, please complete the application form and send it in Armenia, by email to Tatevik Markosyan at
Phone: +374 10 586095
Fax: +374 10 586096

In Azerbaijan, by email to Lala Huseynova at
Phone: +994 12 437 29 4/41/42/43
Fax: +994 12 437 29 44

In Georgia, by email to Maia Tavadze at or by hard

copy to:
evraziis TanamSromlobis fondi
kavsaZis q. #3
0179 Tbilisi
Phone: +995 32 25 27 78/82
Fax: +995 32 25 39 42/43

*Getting Involved! "*
*Strengthening Civic Engagement among Young People*

Program Application

*Application Deadline: *

*Please complete the following form typewritten on a personal computer and submit it by email to the contact listed in the announcement or print it out and send it as a hard copy to the appropriate mailing address.*

*Personal information*

*Last name*

*Given name (s)*

*Date of birth* (dd/mm/yyyy)

*Place of birth*

*Gender *(male/female)


*Occupational status* (school student/apprentice/college or university student/employed/unemployed/trainee)

*Address* (street, house number, apartment)

*Postcode and city*

*Region and country*


*Cell phone*

* Fax*



*1^st native language*

*2^nd native language*

*1^st foreign language* (fluent/advanced/basic)

*2^st foreign language* (fluent/advanced/basic)

*3^rd foreign language* (fluent/advanced/basic)

*Educational Background*

*Educational institution*


Diploma received or expected to be received in dd/mm/yyyy)

*Additional qualification *(e.g. trainings, workshops)
*Current and/or past practical experience *(internships, voluntary services, jobs, employments, etc.)
*Civic involvement* (membership in non-profit organizations, voluntary
services etc.)
*Current and/or past experience with project management*
*Please describe a situation where you had to work as a member of team*
*Will you be able to travel to Georgia 3 times during the year?*
(Board and lodging will be provided by the training organizers. Travel costs will be reimbursed with submission of the copy of the travel ticket)**

*What do you hope to gain from participation in this program?*
*The Project Development Seminar is entitled: "Gender differences - How do they affect our reality?"*
*All the member of the civil society - men and women - should have equal rights and chances. Is this really the case in our societies or not? Do men and women have equal chances during studying, getting jobs, making career? Let's discuss these issues during the seminar.*
*Develop in an essay you own idea "What does Gender Equality Mean to You?"*
*(1000 " 2000 characters not including the blanks)*
(Essay Text)
*How did you hear about Getting Involved?*


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