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EXHIBITION: Letters, Irma Sharikadze - 30 january — 6 march 2010 (

Letters, Irma Sharikadze
30 january — 6 march 2010
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Citizen K. Obsessed with the city В красивой галерее GMG красивые снимки Ирмы Шарикадзе про Фриду Кало

Moscow news. 11 февраля 2010 Frida Kahlo, Georgian-style

Вестник Кавказа.Фотовыставка Ирмы Шарикадзе - проект «Письма»

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ТВЦ. 8 февраля 2010, 00:30Программа «Культурный обмен» Ирма Шарикадзе и ее проект «Письма»

Аргументы и факты. Дэви БЕРДЗЕНИШВИЛИ «Письма» Ирмы Шарикадзе

Seasons Письма Фриды Кало - литературная мистификация и уникальный художественный проект В пятницу 29 января в галерее GMG открывается выставка работ грузинской художницы, посвященных исследованию образа Фриды Кало


Timeout Юная художница из Тбилиси материализует политические связи прекрасной Фриды Калло с постсоветским пространством в виде сестры-близнеца Марицы

Радио СИТИ-fm 87.9. 24 января 2010 Коллекция СИТИ

SAY 2 DAYСплошные письма

Ваш досуг. 18 января 2010 Грузинская художница Ирма Шарикадзе примеряет на себя образ сестры-близнеца своей знаменитой мексиканской коллеги Фриды Кало

Радио Маяк. 22 января 2010 Ирма Шарикадзе в гостях у Тутты Ларсен и Гии Саралидзе

GMG Gallery presents Letters - photo project by Georgian artist Irma Sharikadze. The project is composed of several parts: 18 variously sized photos; correspondence between Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her twin sister Maritsa; Frida’s Dream video and unique jewelry by Georgian designer Sofia Gongliashvili. Style and colours of the Asian Collection excellently matched Frida theme.

Correspondence between Frida Kahlo and her twin sister Maritsa is demonstrated in Russia for the first time. The text was written exclusively for the project by Georgian writer Maka Goguadze. The penscript can be found below the photographs.

Irma Sharikadze about her photo project
When I was trying to sum up the past 10 years of my artistic career (I matured as an artist during this time) I noticed the image of Frida Kahlo and decided to make it the topic of my future project.

But I saw her neither pierced by iron handrail, nor punctured by nails or stabbed with knife (as she depicted herself). She was in a lightful grief of her loneliness, childishly looking forward to her high day, her Ascension Day. She hasn’t yet forgotten her pain. She’s still eagerly scrutinizing herself, she keeps a strange diary mystifying epistolary intercourse with her alter ego – fabled Slavic twin sister in whom Frida confides her pain and fears.

The project includes Frida’s Dream video. I designed it as a controlled dream of a gifted person, whose creative impulse is awake even when the artist is dreaming. This impulse imposes artistic forms on uninhibited creations of the artist’s mind.

Thus, Frida’s invisible eye creatively elaborates the artist’s experience in struggling with bitter ambiguity of her attitude towards life and its inner surmount; her human wistfulness and, finally, her commitment to become a martyr.