Tuesday, February 02, 2010

FILM: Documentairies by Salome Jashi (salomejashi.com)

Restaurant ‘Bakhmaro’ and Those Who Work There [in production]

The Leader is Always Right 45’ [2010]

Speechless 12’ [2009]

A Mr. Minister 16’ [2008]

Their Helicopter 22’ [2006]

SALOME JASHI is a documentary filmmaker based in georgia. she was born in soviet union [1981] and grew up during struggle for the country’s independence followed by civil wars. with first degree in journalism she studied documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London.
her films are observational discovering tiny details that surprise but also evoke a feeling of some intuitive familiarity.
georgia is a minefield for observation, both inspiring and frustrating. now it is the best time to make documentaries here with remnant sovietism being transformed into something yet unknown.
among other places salome’s films have been screened at the National Portrait Gallery in London [2006], Leipzig International Film Festival for Documentary and Animated Film [2007], George Pompidu Center as part of Cinema du Reel in Paris [2007], One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague [2009].

Link: www.salomejashi.com

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