Saturday, February 13, 2010

TRAVEL: Monastery Tour in Georgia, July 1st-11th, 2010 ( is committed to supporting projects that preserve, protect, and promote the study and practice of Georgian liturgical chant. Please see a list of project initiatives listed at left.

Contact: John A Graham

Monastery Tour 2010
Includes new sites in central and southern Georgia - Vardzia, Zarzma, Gelati - See our 2010 tour Itinerary

Articles on Georgian Chant
Review two articles in English by Georgia's leading chant scholars, Malkhaz Erkvanidze and David Shugliashvili, on the
Resources page.

Archival Music
See our updated Archival Recordings page for Gramophone recordings of Georgian chant from the early 20th century

In our fifth season, join us for an exploration of Georgia's oldest monasteries, founded in the sixth century by Christian ascetics from Syria. Be among the first westerners to rediscover the frescoes and acoustics of these ancient houses of worship set amidst rolling vineyards, towering peaks, and the desert vistas of the Caspian basin. Led by co-authors Luarsab Togonidze and John A. Graham, this unique tour seeks to investigate the sounds and wonders of medieval Georgia, while presenting the world-famous hospitality and charm of modern Georgia ...

Upcoming Tours
2010 Monastery Tour, July 1st-11th
Basiani Ensemble Tour, October 2011

Past Tours
Pacific Northwest Workshop Tour, September 2009
Zedashe Ensemble Tour, October 2007

Chant History
Transcription Movement
Music Websites
Georgian Choir Websites
Liturgy Chants
Recent Recordings
Archival Recordings
Anchiskhati Church Choir Tour, October 2005

Orthodox Chant

"Introduction," by Malkhaz Erkvanidze, Gelati Monastery Chants, Vol. II
"Introduction," by David Shugliashvili, Georgian Church Hymns, Shemokmedi

Project Links
Agsavali Transcription Project

Agsavali Project Details.doc


gih said...

This would be an exciting tour, I think.

Liza said...

I want to make next trip to Moastery Tour but now i am booked for shirdi tour package.

bed frames said...

I want to join that Tour but I think that is impossible because I was in the other side of the earth. I know that the Tour is going to be so much fun.