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PHOTOGRAPHY: The Photographer Arsineh Khachikian (

Interview with Armenian photographer: Arsineh Khachikian

Arsineh is a photographer who followed System of A Down in their Mezmerize Tour in 2005, she delivered to fans outstanding shoots for their favorite band.In 2006, Arsineh followed Serj Tankian & John Dolmayan with her camera in their visit to Capitol Hill Observance and their rally to push the Armenian Genocide bill. She also joined 'Screamers' movie crew and took photos of the movie screening in some different places.Arsineh was nice enough to give us her consent for exclusive interview for SOADFans talking about her experience with shooting System of A Down live on the stage, outside the stage and other things. ... full interview >>>

Arsineh Khachikian currently lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Her expertise is in concept development, image building, identity branding and publishing. She has received the Indie Music Award for Best CD packaging, the Armenian Music Award for Best Album Cover in 2002 and 2005, and was nominated for the same category in 2003. Arsineh recently published her first autobiographical book expressed through her photography, titled "My Nation: The Trails and Trials of an Armenian Repatriate."


I've been saying for a few years now that I would like to see an organized effort to fund graffiti artists local and abroad for a "Yerevan Graffiti" project. All these "dallans" and tunnels around town are hardly architectural treasures, and often depressing. Sometimes you see graffiti like in this photo, but never anything fantastic. I know it's not a popular or appreciated art, but it is one that I love and I hope to make this possible one day, or see someone run with the idea. I hold no intellectual property on this idea, if you like it... do it! :) Also, I had no internet yesterday, so I skipped a day. Sorry.

© 2009 Arsineh Khachikian


Winter time in Armenia carries a peaceful serenity that is over-shadowed by the roars of tourists in the summer time. Sevan in particular was a captivating sight surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Enjoying every minute, every opportunity.

© 2009 Arsineh Khachikian


A tribute to the mothers who battle every day to keep their family going. Mothers in general have it tough. Mothers in Armenia make motherhood in the rest of the world look like a vacation. This is the wife of a distant cousin of mine in Armenia.

© 2010 Arsineh Khachikian

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