Wednesday, March 02, 2011

CONCERT: An Evening with Lado Burduli in London - 17th March

Composer, poet, voice, piano and guitar

And The Giardino String Quartet

THURSDAY 17 MARCH 2011 at 7.30pm


For tickets please call: 020 7222 10 61 (box office) or book online

Supported by the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce
Promoted by Ensemble Productions

PROGRAMME: songs from My Fair Lady (with Piano), Angel Of Love (with Guitar) and My Mysterious Kingdom (with String Quartet).

Lado Burduli is one of the pioneers of the new Georgian musical movement and first came to prominence in the 80s. A graduate of a Special Musical School named after Zakaria Paliashvili and The Vano Sarajishvili State Conservatory where he studied double bass, Lado has worked at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre as a double bass player under the direction of Jansug Kakhidze. He is a founder of the new Georgian contemporary musical stage and was instrumental in creation of the 2nd Georgian TV channel and the acclaimed programme “Okros Biblio” (“Golden Crest”).

Lado is the founder of the Caucasus Rock festival, which has run since 1995, and the Art Factory, which worked to save the Georgian contemporary art scene (music, fashion, video art) during a difficult period for the country. He has created the project “Cultural Landing Force” in 2002 to support local artists and in the period 1999-2003 he was the first one to bring FTV, MCM and MTV to the Caucasus to report on the work of musicians and artists there. Lado has appeared in feature films such as “Hatred”, “Flight of Sparrows”, “Here I come”, “The Wedding Gift”, “A Poem of Arsena”, “Sorrow of the People”, “White Flag” and many others. Being recognised for his unique style in his native Georgia he has performed in such cities as Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and London. His revolutionary album, recorded with the group “Prescription”, became the only Georgian alternative rock and punk music to be released in France, Germany and in Canada. He is loved by his fans not only for his creative art but for his progressive ideas and original approach. This programme features songs from across Lado’s career with an acoustic accompaniment of guitar, piano and string quartet.


Lado Burduli.
Machabeli str. 20/25.
0105 Tbilisi.Georgia.
tel.: + 995 32 98 27 79


Anonymous said...

Lado gagimarjos!Mishka

Lado Burduli said...

hahaha thanks a lot my friend for your support
cheers ;)

Shako said...

looking forward to see how its gonna go tomorrow! wish you a best of luck! proud of you!