Wednesday, March 02, 2011

SCIENCE: WiP Session 6: An Archaeological Survey of the Vani Site

Wednesday, March 2 · 6:00pm - 7:30pm

ISET Conference Hall, Zandukeli 16, Tbilisi

NOTE: This talk starts at 6:15 PM !!!

Ryan Hughes, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

"An Archaeological Survey of the Vani Site"
This session is an "encore presentation" from last season. Since it was one of the best presentations last year, and few were able to attend because it took place at the height of the fall conference season, we have asked Ryan to present again. This is a very well presented talk with fascinating visuals about the really remarkable things that have been discovered in Vani and about the technology and methodology used in current and future work there, so we encourage everybody to attend!


The W-i-P is an ongoing academic discussion series based in Tbilisi, Georgia, that takes place every Wednesday at the International School of Economics building (16 Zandukeli Street). The purpose of the series is to provide support and productive criticism to those researching and developing academic projects pertaining to Georgia and the Caucasus region.

Would you like to present at one of the W-i-P sessions? Send an e-mail to .

The Works-in-Progress series is co-sponsored by the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) and American Councils for International Education. It is free and open to the public, and all interested persons are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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