Sunday, March 27, 2011

RADIO: from Georgia in the Caucasus (

Folk-Radio is the first and only radio station in Georgia to broadcast folk music 24 hours a day. The Georgian listeners can appreciate not only the traditional folk music of their own country, but also the music, traditions, rituals and folklore of other nations.
The main goal of Folk-Radio is to expose the Georgian population to different genres and styles of Georgian and world folk music. Listeners will get acquanted with singers, instrumentalists, choir leaders, rhymesters, craftsmen and other representatives of Georgian and world folklore. Folk-Radio is the initiative of Mr. Giorgi Ushikishvili, the director of the Folklore State Centre of Georgia.

Folk-Radio broadcasts on FMD 99.3. The station received a broadcast license on March 28, 2008, with full programming commencing on December 15, 2008. At the present time, the coverage area is mainly a 40 kilometer radius around the capital city of Tbilisi, but an expansion of the coverage area is already being planned for the future.

At the present time you can listen to Folk-Radio on the internet

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