Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ART: The young Artist from Azerbaijan - Tamilla Ibrahimova (artamilla.com)

Tamilla Ibrahimova


Was born in 11th of November in St-Petersburg, Russia

2010 International Exhibition of products of arts and crafts and Natinal Folk festival: Spiritual Treasury of mankind“- Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (patchwork carpets)

2009 „Baku Unlimited“exhibition. Cultural Days of Azerbaijan- Bazel, Switzerland
3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art- Moscow, Russia International Short Film Festival (ISFF)- Detmold, Germany (video arts)

2007 52nd Venice Biennale (video art)

2006 „Sehsuhte“ Film Festival- Babelsberg, Germany (short film „Caspian Bride“)
International Contemporary Art Festival- Ganca, Azerbaijan (video arts, installation, patchworks)
International Audiovisual Festival – Baku, Azerbaijan (video arts, winner of nomination-„Best Graphic design)
„East-West“ Contemporary art festival- Tashkent, Uzbekistan
„Les Nuits Blanches“ Contemporary art festival (video installation)- Paris, France
Exhibition of art works. Gallery by name of S.Bakhluldadeh (marquetrie)- Baku, Azerbaijan
Project „Urban Culture“ led by British Council in Baku. Shooting of video art „Perpetuum Mobile“
„Architectural Prize-2005“ contest, organized by „ItalDesign“group. Nomination-„Public space“- Baku, Azerbaijan
Cultuaral days of Azerbaijan (Exhibition, video arts) – Stavanger, Norway

2005 Exhibition of decorative art works (parchwork) – Jerusalem, Israel
International Contemporary Art Festival „Aluminium“ (video art) – Baku, Azerbaijan

2004 Participant of International Audiovisual Festival (video art) – Baku, Azerbaijan

2003 Exhibitions of decorative art works (patchwork) –Nakhchivan, Sheki, Baku; Azerbaijan

2002 International Youth’s Festival „Delphian games“ (nomination „Poster“ and personal exhibition of Patchwork carpets) – Bransk, Russia
Exhibition of painting. Azerbaijani Union of Artists Gallery – Baku, Azerbaijan
Exhibition in „Beyuk Gala“ gallery (patchwork) – Baku, Azerbaijan

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