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TRAVEL NEWS: Magical Baku. May 06, 2011 by Mike Wheatley (argophilia.com)

Cable car to Nagorny Park. Courtesy of Azerbaijan24.com

Baku, or God’s City as it translates into English, is a place blessed with the kind of natural beauty that most parts of the world can only dream about – lofty mountains rising high into the sky offering protection to the city from all sides, streams of fresh, cool water running down into the city, and lest we forget, Baku is also the place where Zoroaster the prophet lived for twenty years in a cave, lit up with a supernatural flame.

As the capital city of little-known Azerbaijan, many will be surprised to discover the wealth of natural jewels that the city has to offer, jewels that receive praise from all corners of the world. Together with its fine history, art and architecture, Baku can serve as a splendid travel destination for those interested in the city’s unique culture, its historical monuments and its famous cuisine.

This 2,000 year old city comes with a combination of charm and mystery that is rarely seen in the 21st century – in other words, it’s a unique treasure and real joy to discover.

If you’re at all interested in seeing historic places and architecture, you need to pay a visit to Baku’s old town at least one time in your life. The city’s legendary Maiden’s Tower and its surrounding narrow, winding streets are a compelling draw, the site of some of the oldest buildings in the entire region – a place where you can gather legendary tales and soak up the city’s vibrant past like no other.

Running parallel to the sea shore, the famous Primorsky Boulevard is a real draw for tourists in Baku. Lined with seemingly unreal palm tree and chestnut trees, an abundance of cinemas, cafes and restaurants is reflected along the boulevard, together with intriguing statues, whooshing fountains and skyrocketing buildings that will simply mesmerize.

Primorsky Boulevard is a visual delight that has to be seen to be believed, an real exhibition of Azerbaijan culture, and from here you are free to explore further, with cable cars to Nagorny Park and boat trips along the Caspian Sea which offer breathtaking views of the city from above and below.

Lastly, we simply cannot go with mentioning the striking wonder of the Gobustan Rock Art, a kind of Stone Age graffiti which peers above the city, creating a truly awe-inspiring landscape. Completely untouched by mass tourism, a journey to Gobustan on the outskirts of Baku will make you feel like a true adventurer journeying across an exciting, unknown wilderness.

With so many other wonderful attractions, such as the Palace of Shirivanshahs, the Shirvan National Park, the old Baku City Walls and the Oil-Boomtown, Baku promises to be a truly magical journey of discovery, something that only a special few remaining parts of the world can offer.

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