Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EXHIBITION: "My Place". By Dina Oganova (DIKARKA) in Tbilisi (Dikarka.ge)

Friday 13,2013 , 19:00, Old Cinema "Apollo" Agmashenebeli Ave. 135

more: www.Dikarka.ge

Karavella from DIKARKA on Vimeo.


In 1992 there was a civil war in Georgia,It lasted 13 months. Georgia has lost its historical part – Abkhazia... The war is over, but the conflict exists till now. Abkhazia continues to fight for independence.

There are 250 000 refugees in Georgia after this conflict. The governmental bodies gave them shelter in different buildings like hotels, hospitals, schools ...

One of these settlements in Tbilisi is Student’s City” - 14 stores building without elevator also they have problems with electricity and water supply.

The most of refugees are still unemployed, and their monthly income is only 28 GEL. Some of families have additional income and get 33 GEL from government.

But the main problem is that they never now when they have to leave their new "homes" again. Abkhazia is the most painful topic for Georgians, but everyone here believes that we will go to our homes back again...

"Karavella" it was the old ship in Abkhazia. I was asking people,what they remember and miss most of all except their homes and some of them were saying about it. 

more here: georgianphotographers.com/dina oganova

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