Tuesday, February 04, 2014

ART: Colours of the Soul - Minas Avetisyan (youtube.com)

(youtube.com) Armenian painter (1928-1975), studied in Yerevan and Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), had been exhibiting fro 1956. Avetisyan is one of those Armenian artists who put the color back into painting. "Put the color back into painting"-such an expression might seem strange, but if you go into the Matenadaran and look through the yellowed pages of the ancient manuscripts there, you will understand what is meant: there on the parchment, in all their splendor, shine the bright, sonorous colors- blue, yellow, green, red... Color plays an enormous role in the work of Avetisyan. In the night of the January 1, 1972, while the artist was in Djadjur with his family, his Yerevan studio was burnt down together with a large portion of his best canvases selected for a one-man show. Music by Mychael Danna from Atom Egoyan's film 'The Adjuster' (1991). Piano: Eve Egoyan, violin: Mark Fewer, duduk: Djivan Gasparyan.

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