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ART: A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art Academy Big Exhibition Hall (alexandragabunia.blogspot.com)

Management of the Academy Big Exhibition Hall
Management of the hall is accomplished by the Board, formed in accordance with the Order, issued by the Rector of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art. The board includes nine members, who are representing the academy faculties and administrations. The board is headed by the Rector and is entitled to consider the proposal or suggestion, concerning the academy big exhibition hall. The board, upon consideration of other proposals and also, taking into account the academy interests, resolves the year-long plan for arranging exhibitions and other activities.

The board will discuss proposals only in written form. The board meets once in a week, on Tuesdays and comes to the conclusion by majority of votes.

Characteristics of the Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall is the newly renovated space, the total square area of which is 320 square meters (40X8 m2). The hall is divided in two type spaces, equipped with heating-conditioning systems, modern lightening system corresponding with the museum and gallery standards, as well as, projector and sound enhancing system. Artworks should be located along the walls of 100 meters long, on special holders, distance from the holders to the floor is 4 meters long, and distance from the floor to the highest point of the ceiling is 9 meters.

Acting days and hours
The Exhibition hall is open from Monday to Friday, acting hours: 11:00-18:00 .
Saturday-Sunday is considered to be the extra hours, that will be represented in renting tariffs

Hall renting tariffs
Applying the hall for activities is depended on various types of expenses. The daily renting tariff is 170 GEL, that includes the hall lightening, heating-conditioning, cleaning, protection, exhibition monitoring, artworks installation and de-installation expenses. In non-working days, the hall renting expenses will be added by 15% of the daily tariff for each non-working day.

1-5 days-170 GEL per day
1-10 days-120 GEL per day

An exception from the rule may be the case if the board concludes that the proposal satisfies the art academy interests and priorities from an educational point of view, as well as encouragement of contemporary art and its popularization, the proposal will be freed from covering the expenses. The preference will be given to international projects, as well as proposals, presented by various international organizations. The board will have this kind of right only several times in a year. The solution will be achieved by majority of votes. The academy Rector is entitled to have 2 votes.

For beeing accorded permission to arrange exhibitions and other activities in the exhibition hall, the following documentation is needed to be presented:
Proposal to the name of the Rector of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art proposal should be written on a letterhead, sealed and signed on behalf of the organizer side.

In case of private person, the proposal should be attached by ID Card/passport copy, noting the living place and signature CV of the proposal author and project overview (concept, description). The project overview should include number of days, needed for the noted exhibition (exhibition period), number of artworks, to be exhibited, approximate sizes and material.

Portfolio of an author (artist), or materials, representing the realized projects in case the project is presented by a curator.

Author of a propopsal should envisage the following:
The uncompleted applications shouldn’t be received!
In case of refusal, the supervisory board isn’t responsible for explaining the reason.
If the proposal author is a student or a teacher of the Tblisi State Academy of Art, he/she is entitled to make a proposal without approval of his/her faculty and head of the direction. The board is entitled to conclude without their recommendation.

Submitting the proposals to the Chancellor’s Office of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art:

every day (except Saturday-Sunday), from 11a.m. to 6 p.m.,

Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art.
22, Griboedov street, 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 95) 433 360
Fax: (+995 32) 954562

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