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PREMIERE: "0,047% of the Land" By Gela Kandelaki +++ 10, Octobre (

CULTURE & CULTURES Intercultural film festival, France

"The people inhabiting such a small part of land are also small in numbers. Despite their extremely hard historical fate, they have managed to bear their spirit throughout the centuries and have never diverted from their ideal based on love and empathy towards each other and the humankind’.

These words said by General Lifmon at the 1913 Frankfurt Jewish Congress are still true for the modern Georgians.

0.047% of the Land
Film One: The Village

- Why does Man come to this world?
- What is freedom?
- What is friendship?
- What is love?
- Who is a good person?
- What does it mean to love one’s motherland?
- What is the truth?

These and any other questions are answered by those whose voices are not heard nowadays.

ProjectionDimanche 10, Octobre 17h30
LieuSorèze Abbatiale
Sous-titresVOST Fr
DirecteurGela Kandelaki PRESENT
ScénarioVakhtang Rodonaia, Gela Kandelaki
ActeursLes gens du village
D.P.Orest Todua, Paata Shengelia
Direction artistiqueGogi Tatishvili
MusiqueTeimuraz Bakuradze
MontageElene Murjikneli, Paata Shengelia
SonMadona Tevzadze, Gabo Muzashvili
ProducteurGela Kandelaki
Société de productionStudio “kvali XXI”

Born in 1940 Tbilisi, Georgia

1958 – 1962 Studied in the Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State Theatre Institute, Tbilisi,Georgia

1962 – 1966 Studied in the All-union State Institute of cinema ,Moscow,Russia

Present status:

Film Director, actor, scriptwriter and producer.

Art Manager of the animation, documentary and educational Film Studio “Kvali“ and of the Hand Shadow Theatre „Budrugana“,

Professor at the Shota Rustaveli State Institute of Theatre and Cinema and at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Chairmen of the Supervisory Council of the Georgian film joint-stock company „Kartuli Filmis Tanamshromlebi“ (1998 – 2008)

Member of the Georgian Cinematographers Union (1969 – )

The most important projects:

1966 – 1989: Film director and scriptwriter of short films:

“Today”. ( Scriptwriter, director) 1965, 10 min

“The summer passed”. (Director) 1965, 10 min

“The long tune” (Scriptwriter, director) 1966, 18 min

“Georgian museum” (Scriptwriter, director) 1968, 30 min

“Football without a ball”( Scriptwriter, director together with Sicharulidze) 1969, 20 min

“Children drawings’ exhibition” (Scriptwriter, director) 1972, 20 min

“Vardzia” (Scriptwriter, director) 1983, 30 min

“Nokalakevi” (Scriptwriter, director) 1980, 30 min

“Imereti” (Scriptwriter, director)1979, 20 min

1970: Performing main caracter in the O.Ioseliani film „Song-Thrush“, 80 min

1980 „Trouble“ – feature film, director and scriptwriter (75 min, film studio „Kartuli Filmi“)

2008 “0,047 % of Land” (120 min, documentary film)

1982-1989 Founded film studio „Kvali“. Art manager and producer of:

“ The Raven” 1980, 13 min

„Plague“. ( Film was awarded with the Grand Prize in the category of short films at Canne festival, 1984) , 10 min

“Babilina” 1985, 17 min

“The Family” 1987, 10 min

“Expectation” 1988, 20 min

“The Portrait” 1980, 8 min

“Ephemeris”1981, 15 min

“The Goose Tasiko” 1983, 18 min

“Captive” 1985 , 10 min

“The Hunter” 1986, 10 min

“The Confession of the Wolf” 2005, 10 min

“Unknown Episode of Pirosmani Life” (Georgia-Hungarian Co-Production ) 2001, 15 min

“The Silly Pomgtanate” (Georgia-Hungarian Co-Production) 2003, 70 min

1985 Founded hand shadow theatre „Budrugana“ (theatre toured in France, Germany, USA, Japan, etc.)

1969 – 1975 Professor at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

1975 – 2003 Professor at the Shota Rustaveli State Institute of Theatre and Cinema

2010 – tutor at International workshop for European film students

“Summer MEDIA Studio 2010”

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