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FESTIVAL: Caucasian Lessons - 53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (

Programm: 53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (pdf)

The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia" by Inna Sahakyan and Arman Yeritsyan

Eight programmes with some twenty films will give you sufficient opportunity to deal with a transit and conflict zone between Europe and Asia, between the old world order and a new region. Political stories from Georgia, the clash of traditional and post-modern lifestyles in Armenia, archaic culture and crazy poets from Azerbaijan. The focus is also on the battle in the media around the events in Southern Ossetia, the search for terrorists in Dagestan as well as the war-torn countryside in Nagorno-Karabakh, where the effects of the conflict are still felt. And finally: Figures of loss – the disintegration is omnipresent.

DOK Summit:
Borderline Truth – Strategies in Documenting the (Caucasus) Conflict
Friday, 22.10.2010, at 11 a.m. Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig

Programme 1: Transit Zone

The Caucasus as a geographical and artistic border region: an experimental collage of random fragments from Georgia, a poetic Armenian docudrama from a bull’s point of view about the post-Soviet intermediate realm.

* Border (Sahman) by Harutyun Khachatryan Armenia 2009 82:00 min.

* Tender Transitory Transport by Koka Ramishvili Georgia 2008 11:00 min.

Programme 2: Media Battle - Focus South Ossetia

The South Ossetian conflict, trigger of the Russian-Georgian war: two Russian filmmakers engage in an intensely investigative and historically extensive reckoning with their own home country and its military-political-media complex. Set against this: the war from the Russian-South Ossetian perspective of the “little” people. Two clear positions. Learning to see, to doubt.

* Tshinval (Avgust. Cchinval) by Akim Salbiev Russian Federation 2009 44:00 min.

* Russian Lessons (Russkie uroki) by Andrej Nekrasov, Olga Konskaya Norway, Russian Federation, Georgia 110:00 min.

Programme 3 : Suspicion: Terrorism - Focus North Caucasus

A Chechen generation: born during the war, studied in refugee camps, a gun in every house – conversations with former terrorists now in prison. And the search for them in the mountains of Dagestan, with surprising results. Terror: on the trail of a chimera.

* Infernal Machine – A Suicide Bomber Dreaming (Adskaja mašina) by Rasim Poloskin Russian Federation 2010 51:00 min.

* Searching for Wahhabites in the Mountains of Dagestan (Poiski vachchabitov v gorach Dagestana) by Tofik Shakhverdiev Russian Federation 2010 60:00 min.

Programme 4: Life('s) Rhythms - Focus Azerbaidzhan

Mad Bashir, a crazy poet and master of improvisation in typical Azeri fashion, everyday scenes in a mountain village, and six days in the life of nomadic shepherds. A life without complaints or hurry in a country marked by many archaic traits.

* Letter to Lenin (Lenine mektub) by Orxan Agazade, Ilkin Imamov Azerbaijan 2009 23:25 min.

* Camping Ground (Köc) by Rodion Ismailov Azerbaijan, Russian Federation 2010 52:00 min.

* Rhythms of Lahij (Ritmy Lachydža) by Fariz Ahmedov Azerbaijan 2008 8:00 min.

Programme 5: Landscapes of War - Focus Nagorno-Karabakh

1988/89: expulsion of Azeris, revenge campaigns against Armenians, a symbolic conflict that has been going on to the present day. An atmospheric look at a life where donkey carts cross coffin transports. And a return to former comrades in arms: what did the war do to the people?

* A Story of People in War and Peace (Mardkayin patmutyun paterazmi yev khaghaghutyan orerits) by Vardan Hovhannisyan Armenia 2006 70:00 min.

* Post by Vitalij V. Manski Soviet Union 1990 20:00 min.

Programme 6: Yesterday. Today. - Focus Armenia

Driving through Erivan in a minibus: crowded together and drowning in a sea of ringtones, passing glimpses of tanks and protesters. And the dying art of tightrope walking as a metaphor for a country between crisis, loss of tradition and the constant will to start over again.

* The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia by Inna Sahakyan, Arman Yeritsyan Armenia 2009 72:00 min.

* The Young Man Who Didn’t See Anything ... Exercise 09:39 (Eritasard mardy ov vochinch chtesav kam varjutyun 09:39) by Arusyak Simonyan Armenia 2008 23:00 min.

Programme 7: Political (Hi)Stories - Focus Georgia

The chronicle of an uproar in Parliament, the short history of Georgian national television, a complex history lesson about national socialism and male fraternity illustrated by a former mercenary, and a chilling look at a holiday camp for young patriots – a land in constant unrest.

* Change by Koka Ramishvili Georgia 2006 5:00 min.

* One Side (Erti Mchare) by Davit Gugushvili Georgia, Germany 2009 32:00 min.

* The Leader is Always Right (lideri khoveltvis martalia) by Salomé Jashi Georgia 2010 43:00 min.

* When Clocks Stop (Rotsa saatebi cherdeba) by Tiko Nachkebia Georgia 2009 12:00 min.

Programme 8: Figures of Loss

Two young filmmakers ask what the loss of the whole did to the individual minds. Only shadows of memories are left of life in the Chechen city of Grozny; a fragmentary and poetic look at the Armenian city of Erivan traces deficits in its social structure.

* Collecting Shadows (Sobirateli tenej) by Maria Kravchenko Russia 2006 52:00 min.

* Down Here (Ici-Bas) by Comes Chahbazian Belgium, France 2010 55:25 min.

DOK Summit: Borderline Truth – Strategies in Documenting the (Caucasus) Conflict

Normally, the fronts are clearly separated: power and politics on the one side (the power of politics), criticism and documentary film on the other (the criticism of documentary films). However, it becomes quite obvious in the Caucasus conflict – more precisely: in the various conflicts and wars on Caucasian territory – that good and evil, true and wrong, right and not right cannot be told apart and allocated that easily any longer, neither in the field of politics nor in the conflict of image strategies.
Nevertheless, it dawns on you that the truth does not simply lie in between. The truth – sought after again and again. In documentary formats of the most different and differing types. There are conflicts that are determined and shaped by images. There are images that are determined and shaped by conflicts. Sometimes, there are not even images any more for conflicts, or words. And then again, conflicts might develop into images and discussions, get absorbed, with counter-images and protests flaring up.
Based on the infrastructural, economic and ideological conditions in the individual „Caucasian“ regions, the DOK-Summit examines in this year’s special program „Caucasian Lessons“ the significance, the functions and the means the documentary film has in a zone (and during the time) of the conflict.

Helena Zajicova (FAMU Prague/Czech Republic, formerly CEO/One World Film Festival)
Zaza Rusadze (Filmmaker, Tbilisi/Georgia and Berlin/Germany)
Nino Kirtadze (Filmmaker/Actor, Paris/France)
Andrey Nekrasov (Filmmaker, St.Petersburg/Russia)
Harutyun Khachatryan (Filmmaker/Erevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Erevan/Armenia)

Moderation: Barbara Wurm (Curator "Caucasian Lessons" DOK Leipzig)

Date: Friday, 22 October 2010
Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Venue: Zeitgeschichtliches Forum
The event will be held in English Language.
curated by Barbara Wurm

begleitend zum DOK Leipzig-Sonderprogramm "KAUKASISCHE LEKTIONEN"

20.10.2010, 19.00 Uhr
Caucasian Mentality - Fotografien von Ralph Hälbig (Eröffnung)
im Anschluss Tanznacht International
mit DJ Hidden Shadow (Leipzig)

23.10.2010, 20.30 Uhr
Telegraph World Music präsentiert:
Konzert mit Rusudan Meipariani und Zura Dzagnidze (Georgien)
im Anschluss Party mit DJ InterPaul von MirMix (Berlin)

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