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EU-Programm: Accreditation of EVS organisations in Eastern Europe and Caucasus (

For more detailed information on the accreditation procedure, please consult the Accreditation Guide "Getting into EVS in EECA". To get to know more about European Voluntary Service (EVS) and Youth in Action programme please consult "Youth in Action Programme guide" (especially pages 60-61). The basis for accreditation is complement to the EVS Charter.

How does accreditation work?
Please NOTE: Accreditation does not ensure financial support, but it is a prerequisite for an application for a project grant at a later stage!

Below the procedure is explained shortly:

WHY to accredit?
Any organisation from Eastern Europe and Caucasus region wishing to send or host EVS volunteers or coordinate (support) EVS activities of other organisations must be accredited from 2011.Accreditation serves to gain access to EVS and to ensure a common quality standards.

WHO needs accreditation?
Any EVS organisation in a Programme Country, in South East Europe or in Eastern Europe and Caucasus needs accreditation. Expression of interest (EI) form is submitted by potential EVS organisation.The same organisation may request one or more types of accreditation (as sending, as hosting or as co-ordinating organisation).

WHEN to apply?
In 2010, interested organisations can apply for accreditation till 31st October (this will allow them to be EVS project partners in first deadlines of 2011). Accreditation visits will be held:
* Caucasus [Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia], between 20-28 November
* Russia, between 29 November - 10 December
* Eastern Europe [Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine], between 11-19 December
During the visits in 2010 the accreditors will first of all accredit active, experienced EVS organisations.
From 2011 interested organisations can apply for accreditation at any time.Ideally, accreditation will be carried out within six weeks after receipt of all documents (hopefully first local accreditations will be done till 1st April deadline).

Accreditation process in Eastern Europe and Caucasus is carried out by the SALTO EECA Resource Centre and recruited, external experts.

WHAT to provide?
Documents requested for accreditation process in EECA region should be sent in electronic version by e-mail to :
EI form (additionally, page with signatures should be printed, signed, stamped, scanned and added to the e-mail);
scan of statute of the organisation;
scan of confirmation of organisation's legal registration (from adequate ministry or court);
scan of references from local partners (organisations or authorities) with their signatures and stamps;
In case of coordination, both hosting and coordinating organisation must apply on separate EI forms for accreditation providing additionally:
agreement between hosting and coordinating organisation about roles and responsibilities of partners;
All documents must be provided in original and translated to English language (not certified).
In case of problems with internet, all documents should be sent in original by post (and added electronically on CD).

WHERE to apply?
SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre
Mokotowska str 43, 00-551 Warsaw, POLAND
phone: +48 22 621 62 67e-mail:

HOW it goes?
Accreditor(s) who have been ordered by SALTO EECA to carry out the accreditation (either external experts or SALTO EECA / National Agency officer)will assess your documents and contact you to plan a visit to your organisation (more details about requirements for accreditation in "Getting into EVS in EECA").
After the visit and assessment process you will receive information about the result of accreditation. In case of refusal you will get suggestions for improvements. Successful organisations will receive certificate as accredited EVS organisation and their description will be included in
European EVS database.

Accreditation is a process of overall assessment of organisation's capability and doesn't refer to concrete project. It is organisations, not projects accredited.
The accreditation doesn't represent financial support, but is a pre-requisite for a later application for a concrete project.
Accreditors might decide to give accreditation (EI number) valid from 1 to 3 years.
Organisation wishing to host volunteers must have at least 1 coordinator per 10 planned volunteers and 1 mentor per 3-4 planned volunteers (this could be also supported by the coordinating organisation).

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