Friday, July 12, 2013

PROJECT: Please support "Georgian ABC book" by the Photographer Natela Grigalashvili (

Georgian ABC book from Natela Grigalashvili on Vimeo.

( The idea of ABC Book was born when I was working on Open Society Documentary Photography Project. The theme was the life of Georgian village. A word and a photo are united in the project but the photo is not the direct illustration of the word. Dawn, sky, , "sheni chiri me" ("I love you so much, you are so dear to me that I want to shoulder your woes") these are the words which is often used by these people and represents the part of their lives.

Here is the fabulous Photo Blog by Natela Grigalashvili

I was born and raised in a Georgian village and this is the main theme of my photos. In Georgian villages we can see very tensely what the country underwent in the recent past. During the last 20 years Georgia has been through three wars. This is a country with almost half of million refugees, uneven social environment and unemployment. There is especially hard situation in the villages. But despite this the people who live there beautifully carry on their traditions, kindness and simplicity. They live simply, plant and garden, fall in love, get married and never loose hope. They never loose the joy of life and the sense of humor. I think we can learn much from these people. If I have a chance with the help of KissKissBankBank, I will continue work to finish this project and publish the book. I will be very thankful if you help me to finish the project. 

  Russian family. Marneuli

Biography: Natela Grigalashvili is a Tbilisi based professional photographer and a chronicler recording the life of the normal people in the country with her camera. She is concerned with documenting the way of living that has endured until today. She grew up in the rural environment and is very familiar with the way of people’s living there. Natela photographs her relatives, friends and simple people, who enjoy their basic life, sometimes full of happiness, sometimes burlesque. Natela Grigalashvili participated in solo and group exhibitions: ABC Book (2012), Definitions (2011), My village, Bookhouse, Tbilisi Dysfunctional Country (2004), Guest Ateliers (2003) etc. 



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