Monday, November 11, 2013

THUMBLR: Humans of Tbilisi. Images and stories from everyday lives of Tbilisians. (

About the project (

Recently my lovely wife introduced me to a blog run by Brandon Stanton, an American photographer. Named Humans of New York (or HONY) the blog features the portraits and short stories of colorful New York City inhabitants during their everyday activities. 

Brandon’s original idea was to “create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants,” though eventually he started to include the “snippets” of the human stories alongside the photographs. To me this latter aspect is what makes this project so interesting.

“Why don’t you do the same,” asked my wife, a wonderful storyteller herself. Seeing my hesitation, she added: “you have lots of stories and portraits of Tbilisi people already, and you can add more.”

Revisiting the photos I took in Tbilisi throughout the years made me realize how many interesting people are out there right next to us. Some of them we pass every day without wondering what their lives, worries, or moments of happiness look like.

On this site we will try to gather the portraits, human stories, or just interesting photos from our shuffles through Tbilisi.

The authors
Negin Angoshtari - blog
Temo Bardzimashvili - portfolio site - photo notes blog

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